How to Leverage Interactive Content to Move Prospects Through the Funnel

As consumers are doing more research on their own of your product or service during their journey with your brand, it’s essential that your content not only grabs their attention immediately, but also answers the question of why your brand would be the perfect fit for them.

While no longer being able to rely on the human-to-human conversation to answer those questions, you must leverage tools that will sell them on the value of your product or service, rather than just the features. Interactive content such as assessments delivers quality leads that could eventually turn into potential buyers.

Create Self Awareness

Because we are a culture that is often focused on instant gratification, many buyers unfortunately search for a solution before truly knowing the extent of the weakness they may be trying to solve. Assessments allow your audience to become self aware as they step through the questions and receive results that not only have them measure up to industry benchmarks, but allow them to realize possibilities of growth and the proper solution.

Insights for Marketing AND Sales

As more online users complete your provided assessment, you can gather data that provides insight into your audience’s common pain points and needs. And while this allows Marketing to focus their content to answering these needs, this allows Sales to speak to those weaknesses and challenges. By beginning the conversation, whether over email or phone, at this point in the buyer’s journey, the salesperson can avoid wasting any time and get straight to the solution that is best for the buyer.

Increase Lead Quality

As well, assessments can allow you to segment your leads based on quality and sales-readiness. By adding a form for the user to fill out to either obtain their full results or receive recommendations on how to improve, you can have a deeper look into each of their needs and how your product or service can become the right solution for them.

As our audience becomes more educated on our brands and organizations prior to the initial sales conversation, interactive content such as assessments can act as your salesperson on the front lines, ensuring that not only does your audience receive the content they’re looking for, but conveys how your brand or product may be their perfect fit.

Looking to create an assessment of your own? Check out these real-world examples of assessments that we’re build with the ion interactive content platform. And if you’re not sure if you’re ready to start from scratch, we have ready-to-customize assessment Quick Starts just waiting for you to get creative and start bring in quality leads for your sales team.

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