How To Make Sales Outreach Stand Out in 2018

As a Director of Sales at ion, I already know salespeople fall short when standing out among the noise.

I also know you see the same Sales emails over and over, get the same standard Sales pitch via phone or email, and get the same generic invite on LinkedIn. And I know the frustration you feel from their lack of knowledge about your business pain points and challenges.

Wouldn’t it be great if Sales could show you they understand your challenges, talk to you in terms that are relevant to you, and recommend solutions that will solve YOUR specific problems?

Wouldn’t it be great if Sales could be more personal?

The Growth of Personalization in Sales

For the last few years, we’ve seen personalization grow as an import element in sales outreach. But it hardly seems anyone is really doing it well.

It’s no longer enough to just substitute First Name and Company in your content; your prospects simply aren’t impressed with that, or are using a false name. (Hello “Nobody Knows” or “I Don’t Want To Give My Name”).

And using the same college or that you ‘know’ the same people is also starting to get played out. It’s time to get personal. 

Here in 2018, being authentic with your outreach and content is what will win your prospects over, and that means taking personalization to the next level.

Personalization with Interactive Content

Here at ion, interactive content allows us to provide truly personalized curated content based on our prospects’ journey. As a prospect engages in an interactive experience, we can learn what product or service would be best suited based on their selections or answers.

For example, you provide your prospects with an assessment to see how well they rank against their peers. As they complete the assessment, the assessment provides recommendations for further improvement, educating your prospect and creating a sense of trust in your brand for honesty and usefulness.

And as each prospect interacts with the assessment, their responses are saved to their individual profile, giving you as the Salesperson and/or Marketer what they do well and where there is room for improvement (i.e. challenges or pain points).

If you’re using interactive content in your Marketing strategy, you already know these insights are a huge help in understanding your audience. But did you know this can positively impact your Sales Team’s approach to become more successful in gaining, and keeping, your prospects’ attention.

Did you know by using your prospects’ responses with your interactive content, you can create better conversations and build a relationship with your brand that is 100% authentic and personalized, standing out among the crowd.

Trends in Personalization

What I see being a big focus in 2018 with personalization is shifting Sales to present what the user actually needs, and not what we assume. How? Using both interactive content and automation solutions combined to create a true personalization strategy that supports each stage of the funnel. This is a win-win partnership for Sales and prospect engagement.

Interactive content positions us to create individualized experiences and personalized messaging for highly segmented audiences. Couple personalized messaging with sales and marketing automation solutions, and you’ll see a much-needed boost to sales productivity.

With these two approaches, teams can:

  1. Use interactive content to add value to prospect’s journey
  2. Significantly increase top of funnel leads and conversions
  3. Understand more intimately where a prospect is on the buyer’s journey
  4. Intelligently speak to their challenges and pain points
  5. Create a successful customer relationship in a more favorable manner

On January 24th, I will be discussing personalization in sales, among other 2018 trends, with some of my fellow ionians in first webinar of 2018. Want to join the discussion? Challenge our approach? Register for the webinar and join us on the 24th. And if you can’t make it, register to receive the recording after the live webinar. Hope to see you then!

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