How To: Saving the Earth One App-Like Experience at a Time

It’s the middle of summer. And in South Florida, that means tripling your electric bill. Seriously, my A/C is set to 74. Why is it still 82 in my house?! And while the days are longer and the sun is shining brighter, lessening the need to turn on any lights, that electric bill just seems to climb higher every month.

But then comes the end of October, when I can turn off the A/C completely, open the windows, and enjoy opening my mailbox to that $40 electric bill. I cannot wait!

Until then, the extreme use of electricity is not only breaking the bank, but breaking my heart knowing that I could be doing more to save energy. I needed to find out what I could do to not only decrease my electric bill, but to better conserve energy. ExxonMobil’s Energy campaign does just that! They recently released a quiz that gives you the knowledge and the tips for saving energy… and it’s a great example of a marketing app, using modern interactivity to deliver usefulness.

Saving the earth AND using an app-like digital experience?! Of course we love it! It’s perfect interactive, engaging, and EDUCATIONAL! The whole package. Take a look for yourself and watch the video below.

Exxon didn’t build this awesome-ness with ion, but they could have! Our customers can launch experiences like the Exxon example using some of our newest features:

  • Micro-Themed Buttons: This allows the user to style several button hover effects, just like the ones found on the segmentation for choosing the quiz.

  • Full-Page Slider: This allows the page to slide vertically to the different sections of the long page style, either by clicking or manually scrolling, as the visitor experiences after answering each question and moving on to the next.

  • Reveal: This triggers image effects when hovering over certain “hot spot” areas or buttons.

  • Page Rules: This is ion’s no-code conditional logic to dynamically serve the user with a score based on the answers submitted.

Creating an engaging and interactive experience that’s also extremely educational and useful? We applaud you, ExxonMobil! Interactivity is popping up everywhere on the web through digital experiences like this one.

So what are you waiting for? Bring some heat to your brand’s own digital experience! Want to know more on how to build an educational and interactive experience for your visitors? Register now and receive the free Marketing Apps for Brand Engagement guide to learn how you can bring your brand’s story to life through engagement.

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