How to: Shine Bright like a (Digital Experience) Diamond

Pretend you’re on a game show. Like The Price is Right.  You just won the game with the yodeling mountain man, got closest to $1 on that giant wheel (on my bucket list to spin btw) and scored yourself a spot in the Showcase Showdown.  And now it’s time to choose the prize you will vie for.

Showcase no. 1 includes a brand new dining room table, food processor and some other stuff that’s fine because it’s free, but you really don’t want it.

But Showcase no. 2? A trip to Hawaii, a boat annnnnnddd, A BRAND NEW CAR! Ohhh Emmm Geee.  You pray the guy in the bunny ears next to you overbids so you can bust out your Maui Jims IN Maui, right?

It’s a no brainer – a dining room or a set of wheels?  Kind of like boring, static content vs. engaging interactive digital experiences!  (How’s that for bringing it all back home?)

Last week, we mentioned the kickoff of a series of blog posts on Digital Differentiation. And this first one is all about how to turn those dining room tables into cars, or static content into engaging and modern digital experiences.

Need a place to start? Here we go!

Let’s talk about white papers. I love a white paper. What’s better than curling up on the couch, with a glass of wine, a crackling fire and a 50 page white paper?  Um… A LOT of things.  The mere thought of it is boring.  And I live in Florida, so the fire thing would make it even worse. The whole thing sounds dreadful.

But…what if it didn’t have to be?  What if you could transform that white paper that evokes involuntary narcolepsy and make it better, more interactive, dare I say…engaging?

Oh I just can’t, you say. It sounds too complicated, you say.  But it’s really not! And by transforming the white paper as we know it, into say, an interactive assessment, you WILL uniquely engage visitors through a set of highly visual questions and personalized results?

The only way to stand out is to do what others aren’t doing! You have the content already (especially if you are churning out white papers).  Take that content and put it to use in a way that your audiences will really consume it. I mean DEVOUR it! Instead of just printing it out or saving it to their desktop where documents go to die.

C’mon there are a bazillion white papers out there. And like Rhianna says, Shine Bright Like a Diamond (oddly not my first Rhianna comparison on this blog).  Make people want to consume your content. If not, why bother creating it?


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