How-To Make a Marketing App: There’s Nothing Like Australia

Tourism Australia’s marketing team definitely got their motto right: There really is nothing like Australia. From the beautiful Gold Coast through the Outback all the way to Perth, nothing beats it. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to travel down under, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The people are incredibly friendly. The atmosphere is more than welcoming. The thrill of nature meets the hustle and bustle of the cities and it comes together in one amazing place to visit…

An amazing place to visit if you have a few thousand to drop per person that is. Australia is one of those “I’ll go there someday” type vacation spots. Trekking on a 10+ hour flight from most places in the States, you’ll want to stay at least a week, if not two or more.

I’m probably the wrong person to ask if it’s worth it, because I would empty my entire bank account to go back to Australia. But then again, maybe that says something extra about vacationing there.

Which is why Tourism Australia, Virgin Australia, and Delta partnered to offer the chance for that “someday” to be today. In order to give others the chance to experience Australia, the three came together to give an experience all their own.

Presenting…. The AustraliaSomeday campaign. 52 weeks in the year. 52 amazing vacations. And the visitor’s chance to win one based on that city’s best events and time of year to go.

Just as they want the visitor to have an experience of a lifetime in each of the 52 Australian cities at stake, they created an interactive digital experience like we’ve never seen for visitors to enter and win.

We were so blown away by this quiz-based experience. We didn’t build it, we just loved it, and we loved even more that it could have been built in the ion platform (ahem, hello Tourism Australia, call us!).

Just the chance for us to know that our clients can provide this level of interactivity to their visitors makes us super giddy inside (almost as giddy as I’ll be when I win one of these trips… fingers crossed).

As the visitor scrolls from page to page, reading facts about Australian cities and taking a mini map quiz to guess where it is located, the digital experience flows right along with them. Check out the great features of this digital experience that can be recreated in the ion platform:

  • Sticky Navigation / Header: 52 vacations can be overwhelming to scroll through and scroll all the way back if you missed one. With sticky navigation, the header is always at the top of the page, allowing the visitor to go back or select another city from anywhere within the experience.
  • Full-Page Slider: Making the experience more eye-catching and less daunting, the full-page sliders feature moves the visitor through pages and sections both vertically and horizontally. No more of the typically top to bottom scrolling or clicking from page to page, trying to navigate your own way around.
  • Responsive Image Rendering: No matter what the size your browser window is on your computer, the digital experience will continue to be responsive, without stretching or distorting the images or design.
  • Micro-Theme Behaviors: No boring scrolling here! A background wipe effect takes place when the visitor clicks to slide or scroll to the next section, creating a seamless transition. These micro-theme behaviors can be added to control animations between sections or pages.
  • Reveal for Image Animations: With small image animations throughout the digital experience, each one adds just a bit of life to the site. See that scroll button change colors or that navigation bar pop up when you hover over it? All done with the reveal feature.

The contest has since then ended (and no… I haven’t heard anything yet so those fingers better still be crossed!) but the interactive digital experience is still delivering incredible visitor engagement. Follow in the footsteps of companies like Virgin Australia and Delta that are thriving on providing the best experiences through engagement and entertainment. Your consumers are looking for a genuine interaction with your brand. How are you going you live up to their expectations?

Want to see these features in action? Come see for yourself how you can build a marketing app just like the AustraliaSomeday experience. We hope to see you at a demo soon!

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