If Everyone Wants Engagement, Why Aren’t We Talking About Interactive Content?

No matter what session I attended at last week’s Content Marketing World event, what conversation I overheard, everyone was talking about the same goals and challenges – stronger and more educated leads, increased engagement, more personalized content, and of course, more conversions. The challenges marketers face seem to be the same regardless of industry, buyer stage, and audience. And while I attended many sessions where we were told that we needed to write more content, needed to create more focused personas in order to solve these challenges, nobody was talking about interactive content.

Interactive Content Increases Engagement

If your goal is engagement, interactive content help you achieve it and yet, there were few conversations at CMW about interactive content. I really wasn’t sure why. Is it because most marketers think that interactive content involves the addition of developers and designers who specialize in interaction design? Is it budget?

When you can solve so many business challenges with the addition of one strategy – why wouldn’t you find a way to make it work?

Interactive conversations put your customer in the driver’s seat of the content they interact with. Each content element is an opportunity to encourage engagement with your brand via quiz questions, reveal tiles, or animations that tell a story. Engagement can tell you what your audience is interested in and what they want to learn about. Simply put, a blog post can’t achieve the same level of engagement that an interactive piece of content can.

Interactive Content Can Help Create More Tailored Personas

Do you ever wonder who it is that reads your content? What are their goals? What do they want to learn about your brand or service? Interactive content can help you learn more about your audience by asking them questions about their needs in an assessment or quiz. This data can be surfaced to your sales team and marketing automation software in order to send more personalized content.

An Educated Buyer is a Stronger Lead

The more content your audiences engages with prior to making a purchase, the more educated they are about your product or service and the more likely they are to feel confident about their purchase. Interactive content can help you create a strategic content journey that provides prospects with the right content for where they are in their journey.

I had a great time at Content Marketing World and I learned a lot about creating strategic content that engages audiences and encourages conversions but I really wish interactive content was part of the conversation.

I hope next year we will be able to see more conversations about the benefits of adding interactivity to the content strategy.

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