Interactive Content Hot Off The Press: May Edition

It’s time. It’s time. It’s the end of May and it’s time for our monthly recap of what’s trending in interactive content. If you’re new to the blog, every month our Director of Creative Services, Stephanie Tunis, will showcase some of the awesome content experiences that were recently launched for our customers in an ionian-exclusive webinar. We also use this webinar to share innovative designs and user experience trends that our team has spotted on the web.

The meeting is super valuable to our internal team because it helps us to keep a pulse on the industry and understand what our customers are doing with their content. We typically have this meeting every month and, since our teams get such value out of the content, we thought it might be great to share it with you—our blog readers—as well.

Let’s start with a few customer experiences that are “Hot-Off the Press” and recently launched.


An innovative marketing agency based out of New York, Yodle helps businesses create scalable marketing strategies that meet their clients’ unique needs. A focus for Yodle is helping franchise and franchisees with their local and global marketing. To educate their audience on what it takes to be a franchise leader, they looked to ion for some inspiration and strategy.

To start their engagement strategy, Yodle tapped ion to create an interactive infographic to showcase the statistics behind franchise leadership. Throughout the experience, you’ll notice the top-to-bottom flow, which is a modern design technique taken from social media, but also creates a journey or “flow” for the audience to learn and “Take the Assessment.” It makes the experience feel ‘storyteller’-like. Overall, the piece is designed for high-level engagement, education, and to drive towards the assessment by enlightening.

In conjunction with the interactive infographic, Yodle also created a companion asset that drives rich user insight. To accomplish this, the team tapped ion to create their “Franchise Leadership Assessment” with the goal of helping their audience discover their opportunity within a franchise.

The main goal of assessments and quizzes is usually to help your audience discover something about themselves that may not have been noticed without a new perspective. To do this, the team at Yodle used questions that are targeted to the person and their behaviors and move them from current state to future state through the assessment questions. On the UX side of the experience, the team wanted to create an app-like feel so they went with elements like our flow feature that avoids page load.

Once you fill out the form, Yodle serves up a results page filled with valuable suggestions based on your answers (personalized results page are made possible with our dynamic substitution feature).

The Chicago Council

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs has, for nearly a century, played an important role as an independent, nonpartisan organization that provides insight—and influences the public discourse—on critical global issues.*

To help drive their most recent public cause, The 1,000 Days movement is focused on providing proper nutrition during the first 1,000 days of children’s lives, beginning with a mother’s pregnancy.**

To help drive this cause, the team at The Chicago Council sought our expertise creating content to boost engagement and interest. Our teams came together to create two great experiences that share the data in an interactive infographic and engage their audience with a deeper look at the global cause with an interactive ebook.

The interactive infographic uses lively, colorful backgrounds and graphics. Leveraging data visualization, they created a series of unique maps to show statistics for troubled areas and what this problem could look like in the future. The experience also uses a unique click and reveal feature to share compelling content abut why The First 1,00 Days is important and the challenge faced. The experience promotes the interactive ebook which is the companion piece to the interactive infographic.

The First 1,000 Days ebook focuses on giving the audience a preview of the book in order to entice a purchase. To accomplish this, the experience maximizes screen real estate to showcase stories from mothers in the first 1,00 days of their journey in a rotator.

OK, what’s trending in interactive content marketing!!?

This month, we stumbled on tons of examples of data visualization and unique ways to showcase statistics. “Data visualization” is the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format. It enables decision makers to see analytics presented visually, so they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. ***

The team at Fleximize helps small businesses reach their capital goals and wanted to debunk a few startup myths by using data visualization. Fleximize used statistics from their own research and well-known sources to illustrate the facts behind startup success rates. They do this with a unique approach: Instead of just laying the content on the page, they are using an ebook format with creating chapters or layers of visualized data. An awesome example of how you can break down the complex!!

Next, we have an interactive infographic from Goldman Sachs titled, Millennials Coming of Age. The asset shares statistics about the Millenial audience and their buying preferences. The infographic takes the audience through a journey to understand Millenials and their background. It then moves into using data visualization to demonstrate the size of the millennial audience and slowly moving down to illustrate Millenials in comparison to life events like getting married or buying your first car.  Leading down to the well-being section and a takeaway area to sum up the results of their research in creating this piece.

Maximilian Kiener, a designer from Austria, created what looks like a fun asset to illustrate how time flies in our life. It uses a scrolling technique to first start slow and speed up as life progresses. This is our favorite time statistic from the experience.

We hope you enjoyed this view into interactive content marketing trends from our team. See you next month!

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