Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: April 10-14

Another busy marketing week, another exciting Friday! Every week, we strive to give you the latest and greatest in interactive content marketing. From videos to third-party articles, we aim to have it all for you on ion’s Medium publication. 

Check out what you may have missed over on Medium and across the content marketing online world this week!


A Story of How I Moved a Creative Idea Into Action — Quickly

Some of our best ideas can come to us at some of the most inconvenient times—in the shower, going for a run, in traffic on the way home. And unfortunately, you don’t always have a moment to stop and jot down the details. But when these ideas do pop up, we have to be sure not to forget or ignore them. So what does it take to capture the idea without interrupting the thought process? See how one of ion’s content strategists took her creative idea from a simple thought to a big action.


First Steps in Taking the Leap to Interactive Content

If you’ve been following along with ion’s Director of Customer Engagement, you know that Audrey is a wealth of content marketing, and interactive content, knowledge. And every week, she gives you tips and tricks on making the most of your interactive content marketing efforts. But what if you know you want to do interactive content and even know the type of experience you want to create, but you’re having a hard time taking the leap? Find out why it’s been difficult for some marketers to transfer over to interactive and how you can take your first steps, or leap, into creating a better online experience for your audience.


7 Reasons to Consider Interactive Content in Your Marketing Strategy

It’s no news that content clutter has begun. Just on Snapchat alone, users have watched almost 7 million videos. Talk about content overload! However, there is something you can do to stand out among the clutter. Check out this article on SocialMediaToday on their 7 reasons to go interactive in your content marketing strategies.

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