Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: April 17-21

Another busy week has come and gone! Here at ion, we’re getting ready for the coming weeks at both Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit and the Martech Conference, and we’re really excited to share some of our experiences with others in our industry around San Francisco. Just like we love to share our experiences, tips and tricks with you every week here on the ion blog.

So if you’re going to be in San Francisco, be sure to keep a look out for that ion orange and come track us down. And if you’re holding down the fort at home base and looking for the latest and greatest in interactive content marketing, be sure to follow along on the ion Medium publication and on here every Friday for a roundup of what’s been going on the last week. Here’s what went down this week:


Success with Interactive Content Starts with a Few Considerations

Before you jump into creating interactive content and building an interactive experience, there are a few questions you must ask yourself. Not all content is created for the exact same audience, so think about why you’re actually creating the content, where you’ll be using the content, and if the content is worthy of the visitor’s trust. Take these questions into consideration and check out this week’s article from ion’s content strategist about the type of interactions we want our users to make.


Rapid Q&A with ion’s Director of Customer Engagement

If you’ve been tuning in every week to our Medium publication, you’ve been watching ion’s Director of Customer Engagement as she gives you tips, tricks, and action items to take your content marketing and online experiences to the next level. But this week’s Ask Audrey is a little bit different. We love a good rapid fire Q&A and Audrey definitely has the answers. Want to learn a little more about what types of content can solve some of the biggest marketing challenges? Check out the video and see if you can keep up!

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