Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: April 24-28

This week was an exciting one for not only us, but content marketers all over. Not only was it the Marketing Nation Summit conference in San Francisco this week, but CMI released some pretty big data insights on interactive content marketing for 2017. And obviously, we were so thrilled to share the research report exclusively with all of you!

So if you didn’t get a chance to catch up on ion’s Medium publication, or were busy networking with some of the greatest minds in content marketing at Marketo’s conference, here’s what went down this week:


Heading to the Summit? Your Guide to Marketo’s Marketing Nation Conference!

From April 23–26, marketers from all over gathered to chat about the transformation of marketing, advertising, IT, SaaS, and more. With Marketo’s unveiling of their take on the Engagement Economy, the focus was on the entire customer experience throughout the life cycle. And since we’re all about engagement and experience throughout the buyer’s journey here at ion, they’re totally speaking our language. So here’s what we were were looking forward to with our ultimate guide to everything Marketo and San Francisco!


The 2017 CMI Report is Out — The Future of Interactive Content is Now

It’s here! The 2017 CMI Research Report is out and we have it for you exclusively. Take a look at this blog post for a little intro to the data from ion’s own content strategist, and take a peak at the interactive version of the research report.


The Interactive Content Marketing Research Report is Out — Here’s the 411

As well, ion’s co-founder and EVP, Anna Talerico gives her take on the research report and dives in a little more into the big highlights and differences from last year.


ion’s Director of Engagement Heads to Marketo’s Summit and Gets Interactive

With marketers gathering from all over to chat about the transformation of marketing, technology, SaaS and beyond, we knew there would be some pretty good conversations and takeaways that we were really looking forward to at the Marketing Nation Summit. So for this episode of Ask Audrey, we wanted to see exactly what ion’s Director of Customer Engagement was most excited for while attending one of the biggest marketing conferences of the year. Check out the video now!


We Came, We Saw, We Conquered Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit

Every year, the Marketing Nation Summit tops the year before, and this time was no different. And with Marketo’s recent focus on engagement, this conference was all about “Leading in the Engagement Economy.” And we we’re lucky enough to have two ionians in the thick of it this week. Hopefully, Jackie and Audrey got the chance to meet you if you were along the innovative group of marketers in San Francisco. If not, here’s some of what you may have missed.

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