Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: April 3-7

Happy first Friday of Q2! 2017 is an exciting year for interactive content, and, going into the second quarter, we’re really focusing on the practical tips, tricks and real-world examples of some of the greatest and most engaging interactive experiences. 

If you didn’t get the chance to check out ion’s Medium publication, the blog, or some of what’s going on in our industry this week, here’s what you may have missed:


What’s Going on Across the Pond at Marketing Land’s SMX 2017

While ionians may be in sunny South Florida working hard to give you the best interactive content experiences and marketing advice we can, we are so excited for Search Engine Land & Marketing Land to take over London once again in just a couple months for the year’s biggest Search Marketing Conference Series, SMX London 2017. Take a peek at what you can look forward to if you’re attending the hottest Search Marketing Conference worldwide.


Could a Mobile-First World Mean the End of Static Content?

A little over ten years ago, we would have never dreamed of all we would be interacting with directly from the screen of our phone. Heck, we were just coming off the kick of skinny and sleek flip phones. But now more than ever, this mobile-first world—heads down in their smart phone—is forcing marketers to create content that stands out for our audience that is always on the go. See what ion’s cofounder and EVP, Anna Talerico thinks this could mean for the future of static content.


How to Deliver Success with your Interactive Experience

On this week’s Ask Audrey, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement guides you through what it takes for an interactive experience to really hit the mark and deliver success to your organization. From interactive content dud to marketing success, Audrey explains how to focus on solving a specific business problem creatively, while not getting distracted by the razzle dazzle that interactive elements can bring. Learn how to focus on getting the wins, data, and learning first and deliver success with your interactive content experience.


Lessons From the Like Button: What Social Media Can Teach Us About Interactivity and Engagement

As marketers, we’re constantly engaged at all times on all fronts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., constantly checking our posts, articles, tweets for interactions. But in the age of content saturation, it’s becoming more difficult to get your audience to truly interact with your brand or organization. However, there are reasons for those interactions and the constant want, and frankly need, for approval from your audience. See what you can learn from some of social media’s most valuable lessons from ion’s own Anna Talerico.


Gated Content: What do Marketers Need to Know?

There has been a major shift in our industry with more and more marketers ungating their content and providing their ebook, infographic, etc. to the widest audience possible. And better yet, many of those marketers have seen huge results from this with their lead generation. However, if you’re thinking about losing that gate, there are some things you’ll want to know first. Here are a few insider tips from marketers who have created a better content experience for their audience. 

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