Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: February 20-24

Another week, another exciting Friday filled with interactive content tips, tricks, and news.

We get you’re a busy marketer, flooded with content on a daily basis. I mean, that’s the whole reason you’re interested in interactive content, right? You want your content to stand out among the rest of the clutter. So if you were swamped this week creating interactive experiences for your audience or even just looking into where to start with interactive content, you may have missed what was on ion’s Medium publication and on third-party sites for our industry. So we figured we’d round it up for you right here!

Here’s what you may have missed…


Fun and Fact—Useful Interactive Content

Interactive content is fun. That’s the whole point, right? Getting people to engage and have fun with your content? Of course! But there’s got to be more for them, and that’s where education comes in. While funny quizzes can generate some interest, they also should educate your visitors, enough that they start to ask questions and become curious about your mission. So on Valentine’s Day, we released one of our favorite “fun and fact” quizzes, and ion’s co-founder and CEO explains exactly why you need to add a little fact to your fun content.


Ask Audrey: Interactive Content Marketing Challenges, Part 2

Back in September, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement talked about what challenges content marketers were really facing when making the leap to interactive content. Getting started and taking that first step had seemed like the toughest part for content marketers at the time. But here we are, almost six months later, and we’re seeing those challenges evolve and the trends around them are changing. This week, Audrey gives you the updates and how to overcome these challenges.


How to Create Evergreen Content with Lasting Engagement

Creating evergreen content may not be challenging, but keeping that content engaging can be. So how exactly can you continue to engage your audience with the same content over and over? ion co-founder and EVP Anna Talerico explains how you can create evergreen content with lasting engagement in this article on the Marketo blog. Check it out!

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