Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: February 6-10

It’s Friday!! And this week’s interactive content marketing roundup is even more important than usual…

We’re very excited this week—not only because we’ve got some interactive content marketing tips, tricks, news and advice for you, but because our favorite Director of Customer Engagement is back in our weekly video series, Ask Audrey!

As well, we threw in an invite to a free virtual event we’re really looking forward to! So check out the video and event, in addition to some of the other articles we love from the ion Medium publication.

Ask Audrey: What are You Most Excited for in 2017?

She’s back! Our favorite Director of Customer Engagement is back to give you her scoop on anything interactive content marketing, from tips and tricks to advice to even some customer insight. We finally got back in the studio to talk to Audrey about what she’s most excited for in 2017. Check out the newest Ask Audrey episode!

Happy People Mean Everything

We mentioned we moved last week and how that went down. But it’s much more than just the logistical process of moving. When it comes to an office environment, the overall mood of your employees can be affected a lot by it. So how do you ensure that switching offices doesn’t cause a change in the office culture you’ve worked so hard to build? See what ion’s CEO has to say about our recent move.

Creating Interactive White Papers That Educate

Last week, we gave you some tips for building assessments. This week, we have another very popular form of interactive experience: the interactive white paper. So what do you need in order to create an interactive white paper that educates? ion’s Director of Creative Services walks you through building your interactive white paper and where to begin.


February 22 is the day! It’s a FREE one-day virtual event dedicated to content marketing technology. Throughout the day, there will be technology-focused webinars, keynotes, live chat sessions and even networking opportunities. And better yet, ion’s co-founder Anna Talerico will be presenting the Interactive Content and Demand Generation webinar. Want to join? Register here.

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