Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: January 23-27

Another busy marketing week, another exciting Friday! So we’re celebrating the end of yet another awesome week in 2017 with more news, best practices, and exciting tips and tricks from ion’s Medium publication and third party blogs.

If you didn’t get a chance to take a break this week and read some interactive content marketing news, here’s what you missed…


When It Comes to Creating Interactive Content — What are the Nice to Have’s vs. the Must Have’s?

When you first begin to create interactive content experiences, the amount of options you have for interactive elements can be overwhelming. The animations, the reveals, the background videos, the mini quizzes included throughout… it all sounds so exciting. But it’s important to take a step back and think, “What’s nice to have versus what must I have in this interactive experience?” Certain elements can be more impactful during specific stages of your buyer’s journey. So what exactly are the “must-haves”?


2017 Top 5 Content Marketing Trends

New year, new content marketing strategy. And with content marketing constantly evolving in response to the way our audience interacts and consumes our content online, we’ve got to stay on top of the trends year round. So what’s the latest in content marketing trends for 2017? Find out the top 5!

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