Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: January 9-13

Already, we’ve been off to an incredible start to 2017 over here at ion. And what a week it has been! With our eyes on the prize of amazing interactive content this year, we’ve been laser focused on adapting to the trends to come.

We’re sure you’ve been hard at work these first few weeks making sure your interactive content strategy for the new year is locked in, but while you were heads down with that, you may have missed what went on over on the ion Medium publication. If so, check it out:


Interactive Content 2017: Let the Audience Take the Lead

With trends like personalization, video content, and even virtual reality, it seems that your audience should be in the driver’s seat this year for your content plan. Don’t bore your audience with old static content. Let them take the wheel and guide themselves through your brand’s online interactive experiences. See exactly what ion cofounder, Anna Talerico, has to say about your audience’s wants and needs for 2017.


Interactive Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2017

Bonus content: ion’s annual Interactive Content Trends webinar was this week! We’re sure you were in attendance because honestly how could you miss it?! But if you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry. Not only did we round up the interactive content marketing trends for you, but you can even view the recording on our site. Check out the trends!

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