Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: July 10-14

We’re two weeks into our Back to Basics series and couldn’t be more excited. Just before all the kids go back to school next month, we wanted to take time to go back to the basics ourselves. There are times we as marketers can get so entrenched in the day to day of it all, that we really forget to focus on the foundation and power of interactive content.

With companies like Netflix embracing interactive content, we know it’s not going anywhere. If you haven’t had a chance to check out ion’s Medium publication, here’s what you may have missed this week:


How to Evaluate Your Static Content for Potential Interactive Content Opportunities

Next up in this month’s Back to Basics series, ion’s Content Strategist explains how to evaluate your current existing static content when on the journey to creating interactive experiences. We all know that the digital world is flooded with pieces of content. So why spend your time consumed with creating new content when you can use what you already have and reimagine it into something engaging and interactive? See how you can build all new content opportunities for yourself without the hassle of creating more.


The Stages of Launching a Successful, Strategic Interactive Content Experience

Once you have the content you know you want to reimagine, it’s time to layout the strategy for creating the interactive experience. In order for the content to be successful, take a look at how you can stretch that piece the extra mile. In this article, we discuss the steps you should take before launching your interactive content experience, all the way from the very first lightbulb thought to after it goes live.


The Internship: Interactive Content will Never be the Same

Every year, ion provides the opportunity for a few students to learn a little more about what goes on behind the scenes of an interactive content platform company. And every year we are lucky to have some of the brightest minds contributing to some of our greatest ideas during their internship. This year was no different, but the interns we were blessed with were definitely one of a kind. Not only did they bring their skills and ideas to the table, but they decided to create a little parody of the movie The Internship. Check out their video, along with our interview with them, on what they really learned while interning deep in the trenches of interactive content.


Here’s Why Netflix is Embracing Interactive Content (And You Should Too)

This week on Marketing Insider Group, ion’s very own co-founder and EVP, Anna Talerico, talks Netflix’s most recent news in adopting interactive content. One of the biggest subscription viewing services revealed that they plan to incorporate a “choose your own adventure” style to some of their original programming, allowing viewers to choose the next step or even ending in some of their favorite shows. Take a look at this article to see why companies like Netflix are truly embracing the power of interactive content.

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