Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: July 24-28

Happy Friday! Another week when we bring you the latest from our industry and what you may have missed over on the ion Medium publication. As we wrap up the last week of our Back to Basics series, we were focused on what you’ll need now that you’re informed and ready to take on interactive content.

So if you’ve been busy killin it as a content marketer getting ready to transform your static content into engaging online experiences, we’ve got what’s new right here for you. Check it out:

Ready to Go Interactive with your Content? Here’s How.

Now that you’ve learned exactly what interactive content is, what types of experiences you can create, and how interactive content can help your marketing strategy, it’s time to transform your content. However, if you’re part of the 33% of marketers who say they’re not sure where to start, we’ve got the steps right here for you. Check out ion’s co-founder and EVP Anna Talerico’s article for the best ways to get your interactive content off the ground!

Questions to Answer Prior to Launching Your Interactive Content

Before launching your content, there are some important questions that every marketers needs to find the answers to if they want their interactive content to be a success. And while you may have thought about the answers to these questions when creating your static content, interactive content, the measurement of success, and the testing process can be a whole new world to explore. In this article, we’ll give you the questions to answer to set yourself up for success when creating engaging experiences for your audience.

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