Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: June 12-16

It’s Friday! And of course we’ve got the latest and greatest from ion’s Medium publication rounded up right here for you. Life’s busy. The life of a marketer can be busier. So don’t miss a beat.

Here’s what went on this week in the world of interactive content marketing…


Creative Storytelling With Interactive Content

Nowadays, content marketing has really transformed into brand storytelling. The more your content creates an educational adventure for your audience, the more they are likely to trust and build a connection with your company or organization. But when it comes to engaging that audience, nothing is quite as effective as interactive content. See why in the latest article from ion’s VP of Account Services.


Interactivity for eCommerce: How a B2C Team Drove 4x Purchase Conversions

As ion’s second customer spotlight this month, we wanted to focus on an incredible story with a B2C team at Purchasing Power. Purchasing Power offers a program that allows eligible employees to make purchases of electronics and appliances and have the funds deducted directly from their paychecks. While their B2B team had already experienced success with ion, their B2C team wanted to see how they could take their program a step further. See how they drove 4x purchase conversions with interactive content.

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