Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: June 19-23

This week has been an exciting one for us over here at ion. Along with the first day of summer came an incredible and educational joint webinar with ion’s Director of Customer Engagement and FedEx Services’ Manager of Content Strategy & Curation, Drew Bailey. We hope you got the chance to hear firsthand how FedEx saw revenue growth through the use of interactive content. But if you did miss it, be sure to check out the recording here.

And if you missed out on what was new this week on ion’s Medium publication and around the world for interactive content, we’ve got them rounded up right here for you below:


FedEx Ships Out Interactive Experiences to Raise their Revenue 82%

FedEx is no small name in the world of business. As one of the top multinational couriers, we’ve seen them do some amazing things with their marketing. However, a “smaller” part of their business was looking to streamline some of their content and recreate their online experience into an interactive journey. And by smaller, we’re talking about their Small Business Center. Find out how FedEx Small Business Center increased their revenue by 82% with interactive content.


ion Customers Gain More than just an Interactive Content Platform

Here at ion, we want nothing more than for our customers to jump into the ion platform and run with it themselves. We absolutely LOVE seeing the content they create and how their own visitors are interacting with it. But we know that while an interactive content platform can sure make things easier, everyone can use a little help from a friend once in awhile. Which is why we’re giving our customers more than just an interactive content platform. See what’s new for ion customers on this episode of Ask Audrey.


These Publishers’ Interactive Content Helped Make Sense of the U.K. Election

The U.K. election was a messy one. Along with the constant back and forth of parties came lengthy manifestos explaining each side’s views. However, with the attention of readers on articles being an average of 15 seconds, news outlets such as Sky News and The Huffington Post knew that creating an easier and more engaging way to understand these views would be incredibly useful to their audience. In this article from AdWeek, see how Sky News and The Huffington Post used interactive content to make sense of it all.

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