Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: June 5-9

Happy Friday! You made it through another week of marketing madness. And because we know you’re a busy content marketer like us, we’ve wrapped up the latest articles from ion’s Medium publication right here for you.

Didn’t get a chance to check out what was the latest in the world of interactive content marketing and how companies and brands just like you used interactive content to increase their conversions and boost their results? Here’s what you may have missed this week:


How a Business-to-Business Finance Corporation Increased Conversions by 36%

When you think of finance and content marketing together, you probably picture some lengthy PDF with a ton of charts and graphs that most likely make your head spin. For some of us outside the finance industry, it can be challenging to break down the numbers from all of your options when it comes to choosing a solution. And for those in the finance industry, it can be challenging to turn those numbers into exciting and enticing benefits to your audience. Well, Key Equipment Finance, a division of KeyBank National Association, understood this dilemma. See how they utilized interactive content to increase their conversions by 36%.


Knowing Your End Goal: Continued Efforts with Interactive Content Leads to Success

Recently, Content Marketing Institute released this year’s research report on interactive content (and if you’ve been following along with ion’s Medium publication, we’re sure you’ve heard a bit about it). One takeaway we were intrigued by was that the data showed that the longer a company uses interactive content in their marketing strategy, the more successful they’ll be. While creating interactive content doesn’t have to be daunting, it should be a long term part of your marketing strategy. Check out this episode of Ask Audrey to see how she’s seen that success with some of our customers and why the perseverance with interactivity has skyrocketed their results.

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