Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: March 20-24

Another week come and gone. And right as winter was starting to feel like it was settling in down here in warm South Florida, Spring decided to welcome this week with bright skies and lots of life. So we decided that this week is all about breathing new life into our content!

Stand out and bring the warmth to your online audience with interactive content. Check out what’s been going on in the interactive content marketing world this week, who is jumping on the interactive content train, and how you can begin creating your own. In case you were too busy enjoying the beautiful Spring weather (or at least we hope you were), we have it all here for you on our roundup of ion’s Medium publication.


Why Netflix’s upcoming interactive stories are a BIG deal for content marketers

Could you imagine watching your favorite shows on Netflix… and actually having the power to save your favorite character from a tragic ending? It might just happen. Netflix announced their upcoming interactive stories and it’s BIG. Check out what ion’s EVP, Anna Talerico has to say about interactive content with Netflix and why content marketers need to pay some serious attention to how our audiences are consuming our content.


Creating a Quiz? What You’ll Need to Get Started.

We all know quizzes are some of the most popular interactive experiences across all industries. I mean, who doesn’t take those Buzzfeed quizzes (and don’t pretend like you don’t want to know what Stranger Things character you are). So this week, Audrey breaks it down for you if you’re looking to create a quiz of your own for your audience. What type of content can you use? What do you need before you start building? And how is creating a quiz different from creating an assessment? Audrey has all the answers for you in this episode of Ask Audrey.

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