Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: March 27-31

This is no April Fool’s—It’s Friday again! This week we shared some great interactive content marketing tips and tricks for you over on ion’s Medium publication. Here at ion, we aim to give you some of the best advice to overcome your day-to-day challenges that we all face as content marketers.

If you’re ready to make your digital experience more engaging and effective, but were too busy to head on over to Medium this week, here’s what you missed:


Tips for Launching Interactive Content that Engages Millennials and Drives Conversions

Marketing to millennials can often be a challenge. As a generation that grew up with the internet and is inherently tech savvy, it can be hard to grab the attention of millennials with what earlier generations might have found fascinating and exciting. Heck, it can be even harder to keep their attention as their constantly connected to every network they have. However, interactive content can create that spark with them. Check out some tips on how to launch interactive content that will drive millennials to convert.


How you can use Interactive Content for Lead Nurture

Want to know how to drive more leads with interactive content? In this week’s Ask Audrey episode, Audrey tells you exactly what type of content you should be using for lead nurtures and where to start when building a rich lead profile for your sales team. Whether you’re new to interactive content or a total interactive experience veteran, every marketer faces challenges when warming their leads and using interactive content in their lead nurture programs. Check out the video and start turning those leads into customers through the use of interactive content!

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