Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: March 6-10

Happy Friday! We made it through another week in the world of interactive content marketing.  As we’re gearing up to take on the last month of Q1, ion has been focused on bringing you the best articles, videos, and advice to send your interactive content results soaring!

So if you’re a busy marketer like us and haven’t had a chance to check out ion’s Medium publication this week, here’s your recap of what’s going on in our world:


What I’ve Learned About Interactive Content in Three Years

Over the past three years, we as marketers have transformed our content and our efforts in digital marketing from mainly static content to now a major focus on interactive experiences and journeys for our audience. ion’s very own CEO understands that functional content is drastically different and allows your content to be productive for not only your audience but for you as the marketer or advertiser. See what ion CEO, Justin Talerico, has to say about what he’s learned in the last three years.


Ask Audrey: How Customers Bring Interactive Experiences to Life

At ion, we’re so focused on helping guide our customers to bigger and brighter things that we often forget what it’s like on the other side. So we wanted to hear directly from the customers about how they’re using ion to create engaging interactive content experiences. This week, Audrey shared insights she learned from her interviews with customers about how their internal teams are working together to really bring their content to life using the ion platform. Check it out!

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