Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: May 15-19

Cheers! You conquered yet another hectic week of delivering the best, most engaging, educational and useful content to your audience. And we’re sure you’re ready to rest up this weekend in order to hit it hard on Monday with some interactive creativity. So we thought we’d give you some inspiration to soak in over the weekend.

It’s our goal every week to give you the latest and greatest in interactive content marketing. From videos to third-party articles, we aim to have it all for you on ion’s Medium publication. Check out what you may have missed over on Medium and across the content marketing online world this week!


Account-Based Marketing: Think Outside the Funnel

Account-based marketing is the biggest thing in marketing at the moment, and for good reason. But it’s not a new concept. In fact, most marketers have used some sort of ABM in their strategy. However, what most marketers fail to do is think outside the box with how you can use ABM to maintain your existing relationships with clients. ion co-founder and EVP, Anna Talerico, explains how to keep them engaged through personalization and interactive content.


Fill in the Gray Area: Collecting Valuable Data from Interactive Content

As marketers, we’re all looking to have deeper insight into our audience, leads and prospects. We can find out what pages they visited, what blog posts they read, what asset they downloaded, but that seemed to be all we could find out. Until interactive content. It’s not just about what your audience is doing with your content, but why they’re doing it. It’s about diving deeper into their needs, wants and pain points to serve up better and more meaningful content. So how does interactive content allow you to deliver better solutions to each and every visitor you want to reach? Find out now!


How to Incorporate Surveys on Your App (And Why You Should)

It’s no surprise that interactive content is making it’s way into the world of mobile apps. With the opportunity literally at your audience’s fingertips, interactive content can really make an impact amongst mobile app users. This article from greenbot tells how surveys can drive data and revenue more than traditional display ads. With a mention of ion and Demand Metric’s research, we’re so excited to see that marketers are seeing the importance of using interactive content across all industries.

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