Interactive Content Marketing Roundup: May 8-12

Every Friday, we love to round up some of the latest and greatest articles in interactive content marketing for you, since we know you’re working hard on creating engaging experiences for your audience. We’ve got everything from the hottest marketing events to trends to even helpful tips and tricks for your content strategies.

So if you’re a busy marketer like us, here’s what’s been going on this week in the world of interactive content marketing and technology…


Marketing Technology Takes Over The West Coast!

This week, some of our ionians traveled across country to meet at the intersection of marketing and technology, the MarTech Conference in San Francisco. Here at ion, we’re definitely passionate about how important the combination of marketing and technology has been in our industry and how it has really propelled the use and ability of interactive content. Earlier this week, we gave you a guide to what we were looking forward to at this year’s event. Check it out and let us know if you attended any of the sessions or other sessions you loved!


Innovative Ways to Generate Leads with Interactive Content

As digital marketers, we constantly have to keep up with the ever-changing and ever-evolving digital world. So of course, we have to be on top of our game at all times. Which means we need to be innovative. So what are some creative and new ways you can create an experience for your brand that will generate a ton of leads? On this week’s Ask Audrey episode, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement has a few ideas to share with you and even some of the most recent innovative ideas we’ve seen in the real world. Check out the video!


Here’s How Gamified Content is Leveling Up in 2017

It’s no secret that our audiences have become accustomed to gamified content, from Buzzfeed quizzes to unlimited contests to even such games as Pokemon Go. Gamification is bigger than ever. But how do you think beyond the quiz and create new content to keep your audience interested and engaged? Check out what ion co-founder and EVP, Anna Talerico has to say about how gamified content is leveling up this year.


The Intersection of Marketing and Technology Meets in the Bay Area

Over 2,500 marketing and IT managers and executives came together in San Francisco this week to talk marketing technology at the MarTech Conference. It was a packed three days, filled with lots of educational sessions, tons of exhibitors, and our personal favorite part, our customers!! So we were ready to talk everything interactive content. Check out some of the highlights!


The Future of Content Marketing: Interview with ion interactive’s Justin Talerico

As a part of RepCap’s Meet the Marketing Masters series, ion’s own CEO, Justin Talerico, talks interactive content marketing and how ion has gone from enterprise websites to paving the way for interactive content. Want to know a bit more about ion and how we grew to where we are now? Check out the interview now!

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