Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: August 22-26

Another busy marketing week, another exciting Friday! At the end of every week, we bring you more news, best practices, and exciting tips and tricks for you marketing mavens out there.

If you weren’t already aware, ion interactive has our very own publication over on Medium, which one of our wonderful ionians posts to almost every day with some of the latest and greatest in our interactive content marketing world. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, here’s what you missed this week:


Should Interactive Content Be Evergreen?

There are two types of content in content marketing, content which is temporarily relevant to your audience and content that is evergreen. But one question we hear a lot is, “How evergreen should interactive content experiences be?” After concepting, creating and publishing an interactive content experience, of course you want that experience to remain relevant to your audience. But maybe it’s not about the content itself, but the mode of transportation used to deliver that content.


Ask Audrey: Rapid Fire!

This week, we had some serious fun with our Director of Customer Success and put her through nine rapid fire questions about herself and about interactive content.


How To Determine What Content Should Be Gated

Marketers are responsible every day for creating content that is engaging enough to encourage the reader or user to complete some call to action. This is the age old way of content marketing. But online visitors aren’t as quick anymore to fill out that form for content they just aren’t sure of quite yet. So how can you determine what content IS valuable enough to require the user to “pay” with their information in order to engage with it?


Creative Ways to Use Third-Party Research in your Content Marketing

Third-party research is the perfect way to validate everything you’ve been telling your audience (that is… if you’re right). But how can you take that third-party validation and turn it into engaging and interactive content of your own? We recently sponsored a Content Marketing Institute research report and did just that. Check it out!


Semi-Homemade Interactive Experiences

The ion Quick Starts are an amazing way to begin creating any interactive content experience through the use of the multiple templates in the ion interactive content platform. But what happens when you just can’t decide between two or three of them? You mix them up!! ion’s Senior Designer shows you how you can mix and match Quick Starts to create something semi-homemade of your own.


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