Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: July 11-15

We’re smack dab in the middle of the summer months. And whether that means it’s vacation time for you or you’re still hard at work on your content strategy preparing for Q4, we love to keep you in the loop of the latest in interactive content marketing.

Right here every week, we’ll be providing a digest of what we published on Medium to make sure you get the best news and info of what’s going on in your industry.

And this week on Medium…


Content Marketing + Sales Team = Revenue

How can we track actual revenue to content? Yea, sure, we can track where the prospect originally came from but what about the exact piece of content? Or really… do we even need to know? A piece of content can be deemed valuable by how useful it is to the buyer throughout their journey. And when your sales team begins to rely on that content as a major part of the sales process with each customer, that is when you can track actual revenue generation.

Fighting content marketing bias in content marketers

Think about it… does your audience really consume content the same way you do? Marketers take a look at social, email and content in general in a completely different light than much of the rest of the world, and we must pay attention to that. Our consumers’ behaviors, their patterns, the type and amount of content they care about are essential to be conscious of when gaining ideas or perspectives for your content strategy. Fight the content marketing bias in you.


Hey Marketers, Stop Thinking Like A Marketer If You Want To Win

One of the beautiful aspects of the digital marketing world is that it is constantly changing. And one of the challenges of being in the digital marketing world is that it is constantly changing. Funny, huh? Our content consumers want the same old educational content they have always been searching for, but now they want it in a new exciting and entertaining way. Us marketers are trained to rely on the same old marketing tactics, but we have to stop thinking like marketers if we want to win the sale. It’s time to get in the mind of the consumer.


10 New Interactive Content Marketing Quotes We Love

We just can’t get enough of the latest Content Marketing Institute report, Deliver Peak Experiences with Interactive Content. If you haven’t taken a look yet, what are you waiting for?! But while you’re here, we have our top ten favorite quotes from the report to hold you over… and inspire you!


Five Content Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Hip Hop

They call it hip hop, hip hop, hip hop. Alright, enough Dead Prez lyrics for you. These are five real content marketing lessons you can learn from some of the greatest and most loved in the hip hop world. From Biggie, to Jay-Z, to, yes, we even gave Vanilla Ice some credit, they were amazing storytellers and knew exactly how to be unique and stand out. So take a page from the hip hop chronicles and start hustling.


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