Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: July 5-8

We started this week off with a bang. Literally. 4th of July kicked off this content marketing filled week with some excitement. From interactive video to rich data opportunities with interactive content, we have your latest content marketing news right here on the ion blog.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Medium publication this week, here’s the latest info of what’s going on in our industry…


When it comes to creating interactive video content, I have to wonder, will all the effort pay off?

Interactive video is now capable with the ion interactive content platform!! And we’re so excited about it. We’re sure you are too. But there are definitely some steps required in order to create any video, let alone interactive video. Our own Director of Creative Services had a chance to build an interactive video and shared some of what she learned when conquering the challenging task. Before you dive into creating an interactive video of your own, be sure to check out Stephanie’s six tips.


From Static to Interactive — How To Breathe New Life Into Old Content

Writing any story has always had the same general components—a title, an intro, a body, and a conclusion. So what can you do to spice up those same for parts and breathe new life into the same old content? Interactive content can transform that content into exciting new experiences and, better yet, can take your goals and make them measurable. Check out what you can do at each step of your content creation to breathe new life into old content.


Data-Driven Content Marketing Opportunities

It’s no secret by now that interactive content provides huge prospect data opportunities. But we wanted to give you some insight into what exactly you can measure. So we decided to hop over to our Cambridge office to ask some ionians that are deep in the trenches of creating and using our interactive content software what they think are the most essential data opportunities offered through interactive digital experiences. Check out the video!


Beyond a First-Name Basis: Get Interactive to Hyper-Personalize Content

What’s better than interactive content? Personalized interactive content. We know personalized, tailored content gets much better engagement and attention from your audience. than mundane, anonymous messaging. VentureBeat even confirmed that e-mails addressing recipient’s by name alone increased open rates over 40%. Giving that personal touch along with the element of interactivity can take your content over and beyond. Our very own co-founder and EVP Anna Talerico is featured on Marketing Insider Group this week telling you how to hyper-personalize your content.


Be sure to check out the ion interactive Medium publication daily and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! Plus, check back here every Friday for a recap of what’s been going on in the interactive content marketing world.

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