Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: June 27 – July 1

What’s the latest in the interactive content marketing world? Have you been keeping up with ion on Medium?

Every week, we’ll be providing a digest of what we published on Medium, what was published out on the web on other sites, and what we posted right here on our very own blog to make sure you get the latest news and info of what’s going on in your industry.

Here’s what was new this week…

Yes, Interactive Video Can Make You Do Cartwheels

We know interactive content is on the rise. Most of last week’s roundup was about just that. But what some people don’t know about interactive content is that it includes interactive video. Yes… interactive video. What interactive video allows people to do is guide their way through what information they want out of the video. Just like with long form content, no one wants to sit and watch a 10 minute video to find out they only needed or wanted 3 minutes of content out of it. Interactive video allows for the viewer to watch segments and click through to the next segment of the video their interested in, skipping any parts that they may not need at that time. Recently, ion was thrilled to release our new interactive video elements within the platform. So check out a little bit more about what interactive video can do for your audience engagement.


Tiny tweaks to user experience can mean a whole lot more content engagement

Apple recently made some changes to iPhone messaging that could really change the game. And it’s all about the user experience. This is something we have seen time and time again with interactive content and making the focus on the user and the usability of your content experiences. Take a look at what you can learn from what Apple and Google have done with UX to bring your interactive content experiences to the next level.


Why online quizzes are so damn popular

The internet loves quizzes. We know this just from browsing our Facebook for ten minutes to see 50+ quizzes about what OITNB character you are or what animal you were in your previous life. Everyone loves to evaluate themselves, for the instant gratification of finding out their answer. And they’re fun and sharable. Just like the Sex & The City quiz Anna took. Find out why quizzes are just so damn popular, even with ion’s EVP.


June’s Interactive Content Marketing Trends

Every month at ion, we get together to talk about interactive content marketing’s biggest trends at the moment. While this is an internal meeting, we love to share our findings with our audience. Some of the trends may amaze you and give you some great ideas of what to do with your very own content. Check out what June’s biggest interactive content marketing trends were.


Why you should really, really, really care about interactive content

We shouldn’t have to tell you this but you need to care about interactive content. Like, really really really care. As we’ve mentioned previously, CMI release some MAJOR research information on the effectiveness of interactive content and it’s HUGE. We gave you the stats. But now, we want to tell you why those stats should matter to you. So take a look and see why you need to have interactive content in your digital content marketing lives!


Better Landing Pages. Better Leads.

ion begun as an option to help businesses build better, more successful landing pages. Surprising, right? “Landing pages, you say? Aren’t those just standard boring static land-and-fill-out-some-form web pages?” They were. But as we discovered, adding more touchpoints and interactions within the web page allowed us to gain more insight into each visitor. The more we added, the more landing pages became interactive content experiences. Leads then begun to become more informed and the sales and marketing teams captured more behavioral data. See why old school landing pages are no longer and why better landing pages and interactive experiences provide better leads.


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