Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: October 31 – November 4

This week was a wicked one, with some huge content pieces to pay attention to. While we may have started on a haunted note with a Halloween-themed Monday, here at ion we were sure to give you the latest in the monster influencers, thought leaders, and brands of content marketing.

If you were too busy trying to get that face paint and hair spray from your costume off, check out what you missed on ion’s Medium publication and around our industry this past week.


Do You Know These Monsters of Content Marketing?

No need to be scared of these monsters! These ghouls and goblins are the top influencers in content marketing. But can you match the content monsters to their Halloween counterparts? Test your knowledge and take the Monsters of Content Marketing quiz now!


Ask Audrey: What Makes A Successful Interactive Content Marketer?

In this week’s installment of Ask Audrey, ion’s Director of Customer Success tells you what it really takes to be the most successful interactive content marketer. Check out the video now to see what she has to say about being the best interactive content marketer you can be!


The New and Improved Toolkit Experiences, Built From Quick Starts

We just released our new and improved Interactive Content Marketing Toolkit interactive experiences and we’re really excited to show them off! But what we’re most excited about — I mean wanting to shout it from the mountain tops-type of excited — is that we built all three of these super sexy, super useful, super powerful interactive experiences all with these little things we like to call Quick Starts. Curious to see the transformation? Check them out now!


Content Marketers, Let’s Banish Listicle Articles For Good

Another great article by ion’s co-founder Anna Talerico! This time, she’s telling you why it’s time to avoid the temptation and stop creating listicles! We’re sure you’re wondering why—I mean, they’re fun and totally shareable, so why get rid of them, right? Check out Anna’s perspective on the end of the listicle.


Getting bored with your content marketing strategy? Time to shake things up

CMI’s 2017 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report is out, and you know what that means… it’s time to turn up your content marketing strategy! But before you get started planning, what are some of the challenges and opportunities we’re going to see this year? Barb Zinck writes a great article providing new options for breaking out of the old content marketing mold.


Interactive E-commerce and Why It’s the New Future

We’re seeing interactive content everywhere, and now it’s even taking over e-commerce. Consumers and buyers are looking for a personalized experience in every interaction they have online with every brand. So how can e-commerce companies keep up? Check out why interactive content is the future of the e-commerce industry.


Personalization Isn’t the Goal, Conversion Is

And while our online visitors want that personalized experience in every interaction, we have to remember that conversions are still the goal here. So take a look at the approaches to grow your conversion rates and understanding the true power of personalization in your online experiences.


How a Good Quiz is like a Great Conversation with your Buyer

There’s a reason why quizzes are the hottest thing in interactive content marketing right now. It’s because they’re the perfect way to get to know your new leads and create a meaningful dialogue that will give your sales team the perfect starting point when engaging with them. Check out another great article by Anna Talerico now on how quizzes can be the beginning of a great conversation with your buyer.

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