Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: September 12-16

It’s event season at ion. These last two weeks have been a busy time for us. From Cleveland to LA, we went from CMWorld to CSIS, sharing all the content we could in between.

This week on Medium, along with our weekly Ask Audrey series and a few great articles from some of our ionians, we wrapped up CMWorld from last week and gave you a little guide to CSIS for this week. So if you are on the same exciting content schedule as us and want to see what’s going on in the industry, check out what was on ion’s Medium publication this week:


Ask Audrey: What Makes a Great Interactive Content Experience

Throughout the past year, content marketers have been striving to make their content more engaging and hoping to gain more data out of the online interactions their visitors have with them. But what truly makes for a great interactive content experience? In this week’s Ask Audrey, check out what our Director of Customer Success has to say about the elements that go into creating that perfect online interaction.


#CMWorld Transforms Cleveland into a Content Marketing Hub

For the past 5 years, marketers have made the journey to Cleveland, Ohio for the premiere content marketing event of the year, Content Marketing World (CMW). Hosted by the Content Marketing Institute, this important event focuses exclusively on helping content marketers learn, innovate, and network. And the force was strong with CMW this year!


What Not to Miss at Content Strategy Innovation Summit

ion headed over to the West Coast to talk with more of some of the brightest minds in content marketing. CSIS assembles the largest brands and key thinkers of the industry to discuss new ideas and trends in content strategy. We had two days of sessions jam packed with content strategy knowledge so we highlighted some of the sessions we were most excited about.


A Fresh Take on an Old Favorite: Make Your Infographics Interactive

According to Content Marketing Institute 2016 B2C Benchmark report, “More and more B2C marketers are using infographics (62% this year vs. 45% last year), making this the content marketing tactic with the greatest year-over-year increase.” So, what’s an infographic, and why should you consider launching an interactive version? See a fresh take on an old favorite.


Goodbye to the Top Five: Lessons From the Listicle

Last week, Anna voiced her frustration over the constant “top 5” style content format. And this week, she gives us lessons from the listicle. Like the top 5’s, listicles have gotten lazy and fluffy. Audiences can only engage with so much static text, and when that static text happens to be fluffy and doesn’t add any value, it can be infuriating. So it’s time to say goodbye to static lists and give our audience engaging experiences with interactive content.


Want to Improve Your B2C Marketing Strategy? Get Interactive!

We see a lot of B2B companies using interactive content to show how their product or service can solve business challenges. But what about B2C companies? B2C content should bring emotional or personal fulfillment for their online visitors, and if you’re a B2C marketer, understanding what motivates your buyer should be at the forefront of your content strategy. See how interactive content can improve your B2C marketing strategy and showcase your brand’s quality product or service.

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