Interactive video marketing: what it is and the best examples

You probably already know the benefits of using video marketing to reach your audience with your brand. However, have you ever thought of using your creative thinking skills to work with interactive video marketing?

The traditional linear video has dominated this medium for a long time, ever since the early cinema projections at the turn of the century.

With all the technology we have available nowadays, it is easier to offer an interactive experience to viewers by essentially allowing them to choose their path.

There are several ways you can add interactive elements to a video. It might have branching storytelling where the audience picks choices and sees them played out.

It could have entry forms for information, multiple calls-to-action for different offers, and more.

In this text, we will address:

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What is interactive video marketing?

Developing an interactive video marketing strategy involves using interactivity to boost your video’s capabilities.

It’s different from the traditional, linear video that provides a more passive experience to the audience.

Technology has progressed to the point of allowing us to interact with a piece of content to change it in some ways, even increasing its degree of personalization. A viewer might choose a different angle to see a concert in, for instance, which turns that content into something tailor-made for them.

There are several examples of interactive video marketing approaches, such as 360-degree videos, quizzes, hotspot links, data input, and others. In all these cases, the video can request input from the viewer and receive it right from the play window.

Below is a breakdown of the most important differences between linear and interactive video:

Linear video

  • viewing is a passive process;
  • limited to a single call-to-action;
  • few viewer data insights;

Interactive video

  • viewing is an active process;
  • as many calls-to-action as you need;
  • rich data insights based on viewer interactions;

What are the benefits of investing in an interactive video?

Are you still not convinced about the value of interactive video marketing? Here are the top advantages of adding this medium to your content strategy.

Video is Good, Interactive is Better - About Interactive Video Ads

From Visually.

Broader appeal

If you do not give your audience any reasons to interact with your content, then obviously your interactions are bound to drop.

To reverse this trend, you must go in the opposite direction and offer them ways to interact with your videos.

Working with interactive video is a great way to take the usual advantages of the medium and supercharging them with a new and effective appeal.

Higher engagement rate

Interactive video is highly popular. According to data from Rapt Media, people are 3 times more likely to engage with your content if it is an interactive video.

This also contributes to longer view times, increased interactions, and social shares.

Interactive video marketing allows you to increase the engagement rate of your content. Such a metric is important for measuring your audience’s interest in what you have to say, being a number that shows how much they care about your message.

Rich data insights

Your content should always help you learn more about your audience. Interactive media is a great way to do that, as each interaction says a little about those people’s preferences and intentions.

This might help you when creating further strategies and pieces of content.

As you might already have realized, this is the case with interactive video marketing. You can extract valuable data insights from your audience’s interactions, learn from them, and use them to improve your approaches. This, of course, requires data literacy to provide value to your business.

How to design an interactive video marketing?

Now that you know why interactive video marketing is worth it, the next step involves learning how to create your content.

Check out below the best tips on how to plan and execute an interactive video marketing strategy for your brand.

Use interaction appropriately

People will not engage with your interactive video if its choices are not thoughtful. Do not rush your introduction into interactive video marketing by making it interactive just for the sake of it. That will not work.

Instead, you should design it as an experience. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and appeal to their needs and motivations. Take some time to plan out the interactive elements of your video and why they matter.

Integrate it to your strategy

Interactive video is a great way to improve your results, such as conversion or engagement rate. Consider your campaign goals and come up with ways to use this medium to get your brand closer to them.

For example, interactive video allows you to add multiple calls-to-action to direct your audience to different offers through effective client communication. Use that feature as a way to increase your conversions by pointing the right people to the appropriate products or services.

Provide good entertainment

Let us not forget that you can highly engage your audience through entertainment. Interactive video can be more appealing if it causes that effect on people.

Because of that, part of your planning stage should be about making sure your content is entertaining.

This could apply to several different strategies. One way to do that is to provide the footage of a concert that allows the viewer to change angles and be closer to the stage.

Another approach would be to create an interactive story with multiple points of view.

What are the best examples of interactive video marketing?

The most effective way of learning all that a medium is capable of offering to your strategy is learning from the best. Below are the top examples of interactive video marketing campaigns from around the world:

Focus on the Con

To promote the release of their 2015 crime comedy “Focus”, Warner Bros. Pictures came up with an interactive experience in the form of a choose-your-path video called “Focus on the Con”.

In it, the viewer is asked to choose a potential victim to con at a high-end bar. After that decision, they are tasked with picking the right approach to successfully get what they want from the targets. In the end, you can even learn how you did by hearing what the con master has to say.

This is a typical multi-path interactive video, with text on the screen indicating the action or choice the viewer chooses. It is highly entertaining, almost like a video game, with the added effect of allowing people to tailor the story their way.

The Other Side

Interactive video does not only mean choosing paths in a story. It might also be about changing your perspective or your point of view. That is what Honda did when promoting their latest release with a double story.

“The Other Side” is an interactive video where the viewer can toggle between two stories by holding a keyboard key. In one, the protagonist is on a wholesome drive with his kids while going to a birthday party. In the other one, he is the driver of a criminal heist.

The content gives the viewer a single choice that affects the whole video: when to switch from one story to the other. The result is a richer experience that carefully makes the two sides fit and complete each other.

Working with interactive video marketing in your business is a great way to engage your audience and learn from their interactions with your content.

People want to click things and influence them, so you can benefit greatly by giving them these powers. Interactivity as a whole is a great boon to any strategy, just make sure to use the proper tool to create such content.

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