Introducing the Visually Marketplace

Making infographics is hard. We want to make it easy. That’s why we’re taking our community to the next level today with the beta launch of Visually Marketplace. Marketplace creates a one-stop shop for data visualization projects by bringing together marketing gurus, data nerds and design junkies. If one of those descriptions applies to you, then we think you’ll find Marketplace of interest. Marketplace can automatically match designers with projects from infographic commissioners. We’re starting with designers but we hope to soon branch out and include additional creative resources like data analysts, researchers and journalists. It is the perfect place to flex your creative chops and get paid for doing it. Any Visually designer can apply to become a certified designer and be offered work through the Visually Marketplace. There’s some serious technology behind the Marketplace, too. Besides its auto matching algorithm (based on such criteria as preferred style, desired layout, and geographic location), Visually is building on the recently introduced social networking features to make it easier to manage a project, from creative brief through to completion. Project management features include the ability to upload and approve drafts, share feedback and track the progress of the project in real time. A program timeline is available to show you where your project stands and alerts are sent when due dates are approaching to ensure that projects come in on time and on budget. Say goodbye to scope creep. As a public beta, Visually Marketplace supports the creation of static infographics. In the coming months, Marketplace will support interactive and motion graphics, access to third-party data feeds and connections to additional creative resources like data analysts, researchers, and journalists.

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