ion interactive Springs into April

Spring is here at ion! Three months into 2014 and we’re not slowing down! We’ve had a steady stream of momentum with two big things fueling that flame: our new product update release and the introduction of Marketing Apps to broaden and enhance your digital experience. 2014 was pegged as the year of the sophisticated digital experience. Agreed! It’s safe to say that we think it’s going to be the year of deeper engagement with your online visitors.

Early this quarter, marketing apps shot into the conversation with creative ideas for how to make your digital experience much more engaging & effective.

With webinars such as Marketing Apps for Landing Pages and Marketing Apps 101: How to Turn Interaction into Business Action, we showed you how to leverage those app-like experiences to increase your conversion results, all while providing Youtility. (yet another biggie in 2014)

We embraced the theory of Youtility as discussed by Jay Baer in his new book of the same name. We had the pleasure of interviewing him to gain more insight on how to increase the usefulness of your marketing. 

We closed out Q1 with Conversion Conference, where our very own Mary Ward kicked it up a notch with her marketing apps presentation. If you missed us there, no worries! We have a super busy Q2 filled with events and exciting stuff happening right here at ion.

This first quarter certainly kicked off the year with a bang and proved that digital experiences are meant to be engaging, useful and interactive. The stage is set, and we are brimming with excitement over what the next few months will bring!

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