It’s Time to Stop Struggling with the Adoption of Interactive Content

Some enterprise organizations see an explosion of interactive content experiences being utilized across their organization. But to other marketers, this can seem almost unattainable, while coping with trying to get more than one experience out the door with their team.

If you’re one of those marketers, it’s time to stop struggling with interactive content expansion and show your organization what the other divisions can gain with the insights provided through interactive content.

This week on Ask Audrey, ion’s Director of Customer Engagement explains what goes into seeing that rapid adoption of interactive content and how you can create that excitement in your own company. Check out the video below!


In some large enterprises, we see interactive content almost spread like wildfire. They start, and suddenly they’ve got experiences for everything. Then we’ve seen other enterprises sort of struggle to even get one or two things out the door. What advice do you have for enterprises who want that rapid adoption but they’re struggling?

Audrey Ross:

I would say have a plan for the adoption and have some champions internally that can help make that happen, because adoption is an expansion across an enterprise. I think anyone that works at an enterprise organization will say that this is true. That doesn’t happen by accident. It has a plan. It has drivers, people that are making it happen. They actually will typically have a very well documented process for how they bring in something new and experimental, and make that expand across multiple teams. 

FedEx is a really good example of this. They have something called The Go Team approach, where they have a dedicated professional staff that is there to help bring in a brand new concept, or a brand new tool that they plan to use, and help that spread through across multiple divisions. I’d say, again, that type of expansion isn’t an accident. It has fuel that is driving it, and people there that are accountable for helping that happen in a really elegant way.


What about companies, maybe stakeholders, who want adoption but they don’t have things like The Go Team, is there anything that they can or should be doing to help?

Audrey Ross:

I think that where we’ve seen that type of dynamic be successful is when that person really wants the adoption and they really want to help it expand, if they can focus on getting some wins that they can socialize internally. I mean again, if you’re thinking of an enterprise organization, they’re typically having monthly meetings, or quarterly meetings, where they’re presenting to the organization, “Here’s what we’ve working on, here’s our recent initiative.” If you could help that person get a few big wins within their team, or their product, that they can then socialize, that is a really good way to get other people to see, “Hey, this is working really well.” They want to get in on that and then it just sort of organically spreads from there.

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