Kicking Off Movember, Marketing App Style!

What do you get when you combine a bunch of ionians and a Movember campaign?  

A marketing app! Obviously!

We are all about great causes at ion, and the more we can get them in the limelight, the better.  So, that got us thinking.  Typically if we were going to engage in a Movember campaign we’d go gangbusters filling our Twitter feed (oh don’t worry, we’re still gonna do that, but there’s more!) with more stache shots, than Puff Daddy (or whatever name he goes by these days) has umbrella holders.

The Movember community has raised $559 million to date and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries. It has widespread appeal and people really have fun with it while bringing attention to an important cause!  

So we wanted in, but also wanted to add our own little touch.

At ion, we absolutely drink the marketing app KoolAid. But there’s reason for that.  We love marketing apps because we make them, but we buy in to them because they work! They’re engaging and interactive and provide a chance for some dialogue.  So…that got us thinking. What better way to boost our Movember buzz than with a marketing app!?

Now, you may think ion is staffed with genius coders with major development expertise.  We DO have those.  But the Movember app was built by a couple of marketing gals—two writers with no platform training, to be exact.  Yep! That’s right! Two marketers using zero coding or fancy-shmancy developer tricks built a marketing app. (Insert obligatory “Marketing apps so easy a blankity blank can build em” joke here).  

(Sidenote: There also may or may not have been an accompanying internal kick off email titled “Baby Got Stache” written as a parody to Baby Got Back (who doesn’t love a little Sir Mix A Lot?)

We decided, the best way to spread the word about Movember was to make it interactive.  The bevvy of beautiful ionain staches will be put into the app, where not only can WE vote for our favorite, but we will open it up to public opinion as we share the heck out of it!  Win for Movember exposure. win for marketing apps.

Users will see a before and after of the participants, make their selection on who is sporting the most stupendous stache.  And then, they will be able to donate to Movember and also view a carefully curated stash of staches—from Lionel Richie to Salavador Dali (ever think you’d see those two names in the same sentence?).

Don’t underestimate the power of interactivity.  It’s gets people engaged, starts a dialogue and can be utterly contagious if done well.  THIS is precisely what we love about marketing apps in general, and especially to depict our Movember efforts.

So stay tuned for the app to go live and rock on fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas!

Interested in supporting the cause before the voting begins? Donate to men’s health now!

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