Make Your Interactive Content The Headliner

Recently, I discovered that there were five seasons. You heard me right. Five. Fall, winter, spring, summer… and festival season. I don’t know what it is lately but I swear festivals are popping up everywhere like rabbits. And as a music lover like me, this means death to my bank account. My festival itinerary used to just be Bonnaroo and maybe Lollapalooza. But now? There’s Hangout Fest, Governor’s Ball, Coachella, CounterPoint, Electric Forest… the list goes on and on and all within a few short months.

But I started to think, “How in the world does almost every one of these festivals sell out? Every single one brings a crowd… and they PACK the venue year after year with thousands of people from different cities around the world.” Then a lightbulb went on. The music lovers of the world aren’t cut from the same cloth. They all have different needs, different wants, different tastes. These festivals have to appeal to many MANY different audiences. And they do just that…

Just like your content marketing should. While content marketing season is year round for us, our audience has all different needs, different wants, and different tastes.

So take a note from Festival Season and let’s look at six of the biggest types of interactive content to appeal your desired audience:

1. Contests

Let’s take a look at Hangout Music Fest, probably the most relaxed of the festivals. I mean, it takes place on a beach—how much more relaxed and fun can a festival get?! And there’s all genres of music at Hangout.

Just like a contest can be for your audience. It’s fun, easy, and one of the most relaxed forms of interactive content. And who doesn’t love to try to win something? Appealing to almost every type of audience, contests are great to use in the early stage of the buyer’s journey.


2. LookBooks

Oh, Governor’s Ball and the New York state of mind. Coachella and Governor’s Ball are starting to be one in the same, just taking place on opposite sides of the country, both filled with some of the best dressed people you will see at any of these festivals. More selfies are probably taken at Governor’s Ball than any other… and for good reason—people aim to dress to impress here.

LookBooks are the Governor’s Ball of interactive content. Show off your product! Make it beautiful and something everyone wants to take a closer look at. And what’s great about lookbooks is they’re perfect for the early stage of the buyer’s journey to introduce the audience to your performance.


3. Interactive Video Message Board

One of the best things about my neighborhood (and hopefully yours as well) is the block parties. Everyone gets together to grill some food, meet new people, and enjoy each other’s company. And Mad Decent Block Party is doing just that, but with live musical performances as well. People want to get to know their neighbors and begin a personal bond with them.

Just like people want to get to know your organization. Interactive Video Message Boards are a great way of doing that. Introduce your company through engaging video early in the buyer’s journey. Provide a personal touch to each buyer’s exploration with your brand and they’ll be sure to want to be your neighbor. Hey, they might even be the one to help you throw the biggest block party of the year—the sale!


4. ‘Create Your Own Story’ eBook

This is for the storytellers out there. It’s always fun to use your imagination and put your own twist on a story. Welcome to TomorrowWorld, where stages are modeled after massive books and fairytale stories, and where performances come to life and experiences are created by the audience.

Imagination is to TomorrowWorld as audience engagement is to ‘Create Your Own Story’ eBooks. With ‘Create Your Own Story’ eBooks, the user decides the path they want to take and creates their own experience with your content. For early to mid stages of the buyer’s journey, ‘CreateYour Own Story’ eBooks allows the user to view only the content they are interested in, and the content tells your brand’s story through their eyes. Welcome to the TomorrowWorld of your content marketing!


5. Solution Builder

See you on the farm! Bonnaroo has made quite the transition in the past few years. From jam bands and hippie camping to all genres and… well… still hippie camping, Bonnaroo now appeals to the masses. This year, Bonnaroo’s website even allowed you to create your own custom schedule to organize all the performers you could possibly want to see in four days.

It was almost like their very own Bonnaroo Festival Solution Builder. Your company may offer a variety of different solutions to the buyer. And what better way to close a sale than to let the buyer see your solution exactly how they would want it. For mid to late stages of the buyer’s journey, give your buyers the freedom to explore their choices with a Solution Builder.


6. Interactive White Paper

The longest running of these all: Lollapalooza. Since 1991 (with a short breakin between), the Jane’s Addiction farewell tour-turned-music festival has been pulling in every type of music lover from all over the world. It’s a must-see for any festival goer and a classic in the world of live music festivals.

Just like the white paper in content marketing. What was once just a white paper is now an interactive white paper that all audiences can enjoy! So give the traditional PDF white paper a farewell tour and turn your content into a festival of interactivity and engagement. Buyers in the mid or late stage of their journey will enjoy the liveliness and excitement of your passive content turned into an interactive headliner.


So are you ready to dance your way into your own interactive content marketing season?

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