Measuring Your Content Measurement Maturity

Content measurement. It’s a challenge. You probably already know that though, because at least half of all marketers say they struggle with content measurement. A few weeks ago, we provided 5 tips to help point you in the right direction, but let’s face it, it’s way more complicated than any single blog post.

There’s just basic content measurement—are people consuming it, sharing it, acting on it? 

There’s sales and marketing alignment—surfacing your buyer’s digital body language to sales so they know email clicks, page views, etc. 

Then there’s what sales really needs, which is insight into the digital dialogue—how your buyers are interacting with your content.

Where you fall on the continuum of content measurement could be anywhere from rookie to rock star. So, in an attempt to give you a simple framework, here are some questions to consider:

More reds? Time to get serious about measurement. All green? You rock. That is all.

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