Meet the Content Marketing Innovators: Jon Ryan

 Jon Ryan, Director, Marketing Technology, Aberdeen Group
Jon Ryan, Director, Marketing Technology, Aberdeen Group

Meet Jon Ryan, Director of Marketing Technology for Aberdeen Group—the leader in bringing big data and content marketing services together—and our next Content Marketing Innovator. Perfectly blending marketing and technology, Aberdeen’s Jon Ryan knows just what it takes to be successful with his content marketing efforts. Check out his interview with ion below:


What is your approach to content marketing?

Jon Ryan: Content marketing isn’t a strategy, a campaign or a tactic. It’s a business philosophy. This is the best way to be successful in content marketing. Asking questions like who are you, who is your audience, where do they hang out online, what type of content can you create, etc. etc. are all part of the creation process.

What content advice would you give to other marketers?

JR: Continue to help solve problems and make sure you tell the full story. Stop obsessing over tools or tactics instead of customer issues or problems. Keep your target audience top of mind and remember content marketing is a strategy that can be executed in campaigns—infographic leads to blog post which leads to ebook which leads to a sales-ready MQL.

Why did you incorporate interactive content into your program?

JR: Interactive is key! People like to click, slide, hover, reveal, overall—play. If you offer content that is meaningful and combine it with an interactive component, it will beat the best flat infographic or checklist.

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in content marketing right now?

JR: Analytical and behavioral data and how that affects content and marketing decisions.

What’s in store for the future of content marketing?

JR: The focus for marketers remains the same. We need to continue to find ways to tell timeless human stories that make brands relevant and important to consumers and businesses. The challenge will be staying ahead of emerging technologies because that’s what will impact how human stories are told.


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