Meet the Content Marketing Innovators: Pat Oldenburg

 Pat Oldenburg, Senior Manager, Content and Web Marketing, Five9
Pat Oldenburg, Senior Manager, Content and Web Marketing, Five9

Meet Pat Oldenburg, Senior Manager, Content and Web Marketing for Five9—a pioneer and leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers worldwide—and today’s Content Marketing Innovator. As Senior Manager, Pat is aiming to supercharge Five9’s content marketing results with interactive content. Check out his interview with ion below:


What is your approach to content marketing?

Pat Oldenburg: At Five9, we have an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to content marketing, as almost everyone in the department is a content creator of some sort. While this may be the case in many organizations, we have tried to improve upon it by creating a systematic approach to ideation, execution, and measurement.

We have quarterly content board meetings with representatives from marketing, sales, and product management, where we review our most recent efforts and discuss trends that each of the departments see in their day-to-day interactions with customers and prospects. The output of those board meetings—in addition to regular surveys and discussions with analysts and customers—are ‘buyer-centric content themes,’ which are used to drive our content marketing efforts.

We have two main themes each year, and we create content pillars for each, which are used to scale our content production efforts. By using the pillar approach, we are able to create more tightly integrated, consistent campaigns that target our buyer personas at all stages of the buying cycle.

What content advice would you give to other marketers?

PO: Two main things. First, don’t create content just to create content! I have seen statistics that say almost 70% of content goes unread. Create content that has a purpose—make sure it is targeted to personas and to a sales cycle stage.

And secondly, regularly check in with your audience and learn what the latest challenges, needs, and trends are. These are usually perfect topics for content and consistently perform better than unfocused pieces.

Why did you incorporate interactive content into your program?

PO: I wanted to super-charge the results of our most recent content pillar, which was a research report on contact center agent efficiency. In content marketing, I need to measure KPIs ranging from simple engagement metrics to cost per $1 of contract value. In order to increase engagement metrics as well as get the conversion rates high on the landing page, we knew we needed to make a significant departure from our standard landing page format. The interactive content we created not only kept people on the microsite for longer periods of time, but the form fill (conversion) rates were almost 3x what we see on average!

What do you think is the most exciting thing happening in content marketing right now?

PO: In my opinion, we are starting to see a shift in how we view content marketing, and content in general. Content powers nearly every marketing effort, from website pages to webinar topics to interactive experiences. And when used for sales, content can improve pipeline velocity, close rates, and retention rates. Many executives, ours included, are recognizing this and putting more resources behind this function.

What’s in store for the future of content marketing?

PO: I think the future of content marketing is going to be the next evolution of interactive content, which will have more personalization. So not only will the content topics you see on a website be personalized, but within each experience, your actions and choices will have an effect on the content (think progressive profiling, but in eBook form).  This increase in complexity will require a new way to measure influence and attribution to sales, churn rates, etc. So I also think we’ll see new technology to measure impact of content across all functions.


We love Five9’s ‘all hands on deck’ approach to content marketing and we’re sure their team of creators is going to blow us away with the interactive content they’re producing! Check back tomorrow to see who’s next on our list of interactive content trendsetters.

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