On the Streets: What is Interactive Content?

We are all about interactive content here at ion. In the last few weeks, we’ve fallen in love and even showed you how you can create.

But, often in the software industry, we get so enamoured by our passion and the jargon used that we never really think twice about it. So we started to think… Do people outside of our little bubble even know what the term ‘interactive content’ means?

So in typical Jimmy Kimmel fashion, we took the question to the streets to hear what the public thinks ‘interactive content’ is. We asked all types of people and all ages and we loved the answers we heard! Some were spot on, while others thought they had an idea as to what the phrase might mean.

Take a look at the video to see what they thought, what we discovered, and even some answers from ionians themselves. And keep an eye out for the ‘On the Streets’ series where we’ll be talking to the public about some of the ideas and challenges we face as digital marketers. Feel free to comment and share some questions you’d love us to ask!

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