Our 3 Biggest Takeaways from This Year’s CMI Demand Gen Brief

For the second year in a row, Rock Content was an executive sponsor for the Content Marketing Institute’s Market Brief, “Scaling and Measuring Content Marketing to Generate Demand, Measure Audiences.” With an introduction and commentary by Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer of CMI, this year’s market brief is one you won’t want to miss.

We were anxious to find out how survey results changed year over year, and to recognize trends that had emerged or stayed the same. As content marketers, it’s crucial to understand the trends that are affecting our industry, and with this year’s research being tailored to understanding scaling and measurement, it’s the perfect time to evaluate our demand generation struggles—and successes—in relation to our peers’. 

To highlight our findings in the brief, we’ve broken down our top three takeaways. 

1. Marketers Continue to Face Similar Struggles

When we exhibited at this year’s Content Marketing World, we created an assessment that we used at our booth to gain a better understanding of attendee’s pain points and goals. Content Marketing Institute asked survey respondents to address their pain points as well, and both sets of data recognized similar challenges: scaling content production and measuring content performance. 

In the brief, you’ll see that marketers are consistently facing these challenges, with increasing pressure for content to perform. With that in mind, how can we drive strategy forward? And more importantly, how can we avoid sacrificing long-term investments to meet short-term demands? These are interesting questions that Robert Rose addresses throughout the brief.

2. Demand Gen Focus Remains at the Early Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

The brief makes an important note on audiences’ attention that struck a chord with our team. The survey found that content marketers are increasingly focused on holding audiences’ attention rather than merely grabbing it—an important distinction that plays a huge role in how audiences are nurtured. 

Making a shift in how we nurture audiences means taking a more holistic, full-circle approach to content creation. While 57% of survey respondents stated that their organization received the most value from content marketing for demand gen early in the journey, the remainder of the journey is still a crucial time to engage. This is where you move toward holding attention, with content that will continue a conversation and maintain interest. 

3. Conversions Are the Top-Used Metric for Measurement

CMI added in a few new questions and responses to this year’s survey, with one of those standing out in particular. When asked which metrics their organization uses to measure the impact of content marketing on-demand generation, a large portion (80%) indicated that conversions were their most-used metric, followed by website traffic and audience engagement. This comes as no surprise to most marketing departments, though it serves as a good indicator of the continued importance of conversions, and further still, the importance of conversion optimization. 

Download the Brief from Content Marketing Institute Today

Ready for more? If you’re responsible for content marketing for your business, you’ll want to take a close look at this year’s 16-page brief, which is packed with valuable insights from industry expert Robert Rose—as well as from the information provided by your own content marketing peers. Download the brief today by visiting our site.

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