Overcoming Interactive Content Challenges in your Marketing Strategy

Annnnnd we’re back! We’re settling in after a pretty eventful last few weeks. Not only did we have a great time at Content Marketing World, but being in South Florida, we’re still cleaning up from Hurricane Irma. And while we were bummed we didn’t get to release last week’s Ask Audrey episode, we’re giving you two weeks in a row! And this week, it’s all about Content Marketing World.

Audrey and Asa, ion’s Director of Account Development, had the pleasure of talking to quite a few impressive marketers about how they are utilizing interactive content in their strategy this year. And while most marketers were thrilled to chat about all the possibilities of interactive content, there were a few that have come across some challenges.

On this week’s Ask Audrey, listen in as Audrey and Asa talk about those challenges they heard at Content Marketing World and how you can solve them if you’re experiencing the same. Check out the video below!


Asa and Audrey, you guys just got back from Content Marketing World, where I’m sure you spoke to hundreds, maybe even thousands of marketers. What are some of the challenges that you heard while you were there for marketers who are looking to add interactive content to their strategy?

Audrey Ross:

Well, I think Asa, you had so many conversations at Content Marketing World, you and your team. I think I’ll let you get this one first.

Asa Hochhauser:

Sure. Yeah, like you said, a lot of companies that we were talking to are very interested in interactive content but haven’t quite started to execute on it yet. A challenge while they’re thinking about it, if you will, is because they’re tasked with creating massive amounts of content, but they all have this huge fear of creating content that isn’t high quality. Under that pressure, you’re often going to go and start creating a lot of content that might not really resonate or provide value to your audience. When we talk to this consistent problem, the fear that companies are having, we talk about repurposing content. How do you take high value assets that you have today and repurpose it into more engaging formats? That’s where interactive content can really help out. It’s something we had a lot of conversations about. One of many challenges, I think, that marketers are facing that aren’t using interactive content today.

Audrey Ross:

Yeah, definitely. I think part of one of the reasons why repurposing existing content is so incredibly common for people who are looking to do interactive content for the first time is that typically, there is some level of data that they’re getting from the static piece, but it’s not enough. They’re able to see when someone views it or they’re able to see when someone downloads it, but there really is this business drive to get more from that static piece and have more insight into what people are doing with it, what are the aspects that they’re finding valuable and what parts of the content are they actually engaging with versus ignoring all together.

I think that that sort of access to that data and having much more context and meaning behind what someone does with it is a big challenge that I think marketers are looking to solve through interactive content. I think the other thing, and this is a bigger challenge I think that marketers have probably been feeling for years, is that no one really wants your marketing. No one really wants to feel marketed to, but when you do have something like interactive content and it’s a useful, interactive tool, that is helpful. That is exposing a business problem and a potential solution that could help fix it. That’s marketing that people want. I think that that’s a challenge that interactive content can really help solve for as well.

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