Provide Clean Water with a Marketing App

We love seeing brands bringing their digital properties to life with engaging experiences. It’s give us butterflies inside (really, we’re like that) to know others understand the importance of usefulness and interactivity for their visitors. And when that comes together with a good cause, well, we get goosebumps (again, we’re really into this stuff!).

Every year on June 5th, the United Nations Environment Programme hosts World Environment Day to raise global awareness for environmental protection. In honoring the 2014 theme of “Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level,” we wanted to shoutout some of the best and most interactive digital experiences dedicated to saving our planet and providing education to the growing population.

GOOD in partnership with Toyota Prius created a digital microsite ecosystem teaching others how to achieve harmony through energy, education, earth, coexistence, etc. The microsite takes you through a maze of facts and opportunities filled with small videos, interactive surveys and other app-like interactions. We love this example of using a microsite for good!

UNICEF announced their Tap Project earlier this year during World Water Month, aiming to bring access to clean water to over 750 million people. UNICEF offered to contribute donations for every minute visitors could go without looking at their phone. UNICEF created a web application that ran in the browser of the visitor’s smart phone. Using the accelerometer function of the phone, the visitor would turn on the timer, place down the phone, and avoid any movement of the phone as the timer continued to count. If the visitor was tempted to touch their phone, the timer would stop and UNICEF would donate a specific amount depending on the length of time the phone was ignored.

UNICEF not only did their part to donate clean water, but raised awareness of a global issue in a way that tapped into culture trends around tech consumption.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution created an entire section in their digital experience for their Oceanus Magazine ‘interactives’. These interactives bring education content to life in modules that each include a way to interact with the content.  From learning about Fukushima’s fallout and marine life to hearing the frequency ranges of marine animal sounds, Oceanus Magazine creates a fun and immersive way to educate visitors about the importance of taking care of the environment.

We love to see how these brands are engaging their visitors with useful, interactive app-like experiences for a good cause. As if World Environment Day wasn’t inspiring enough, now you’ve got loads of digital marketing inspiration too. What a combination!


Ready to put that inspiration to work and create a digital marketing experience that educates and engages your visitors? Come see for yourself how easy it really is to create something like these.

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