Pubcon and SFIMA Join Forces in Our Backyard

Ok, so maybe not our actual backyard. But we were thrilled to be a part of Pubcon and SFIMA‘s Summit in our neighboring city of Fort Lauderdale yesterday. SFIMA Pubcon took on South Florida by storm and drew in all the area marketing professionals to hear some of the best speakers of the social media and optimization marketing industry!

 Asa handing out The Case for Marketing Apps at our booth.
Asa handing out The Case for Marketing Apps at our booth.

With a beautiful view of the intracoastal near by, attendees and speakers joined together in the Broward County Convention Center for one day jammed packed and overflowing with what’s happening in the industry and expertise on social media, SEO, and SEM. With Asa manning our booth and providing flourishing conversations about marketing apps to attendees, ion‘s co-founder and Executive Vice President, Anna Talerico, delivered quite the exciting session about how to make the most of the web traffic you currently have.

So what can you do if web traffic is declining? Panic? Oh definitely. Hide? Sure. Throw money at it? Only if you have the resources to do so, and even then, it may not help. Or can you make the most of every digital touchpoint? Definitely the best option. Anna discussed how, as marketers, our whole job is to get people to take some form of action. With user experience changing drastically over the past twelve months, visitor expectations have changed rapidly. It’s fundamental: To get a visitor to take action, you have to start by meeting their expectations. Responsive design, video/animated backgrounds, minimized navigations, sticky nav and content, parallax scrolling, utility, app-like interaction — these design techniques are now the norm, no longer cutting edge, and they enhance the user experience significantly.

As Anna stated,

“Make the most of your web traffic by being responsive, useful and app-like. It’s what your visitors expect from you, and you can’t get them to take action if you don’t meet their expectations.”

In order to solve this, Anna introduced the attendees of SFIMA Pubcon to the world… no, wait… the universe of marketing apps. As she dove into current examples being used by companies now, Anna shed light on how you can transform your digital touchpoints to ensure they’re useful, engaging, app-like, and responsive to get — and keep — the attention of your visitors. Attendees were exposed to the importance of interactivity and engagement within their digital experiences, while understanding the changing expectations of visitors.

“Action is fueled by interactivity and engagement.”

Alongside Anna were speakers from companies such as Globe Runner, Office Depot, and Google. It was a day filled with great takeaways and new practices.

Here are some of our most appreciated lessons from the conference:

Matt Rogers, Head of Industry, Large Customer Sales, Google

  • Be there. Be relevant. Be optimized.
  • We turn to digital at the moments that matter most to us.
  • Decide which moments matter most to your business.

Mindy Weinstein, SEO Manager & Trainer, Bruce Clay Inc.

  • Survival tips for succeeding today and being ready for tomorrow.
    • Recognize the impact of personalized search.
    • Know how social signals impact your rankings.
    • Publish the right content.

Rebecca Murtagh, Chief Strategist / President, Marner Blue Marketing LLC

  • Never lose sight of the fact that behind every experience from any device is a human.
  • Grow market share by winning hearts and minds. Make your brand lovable.
  • Use every opportunity to earn trust, resonate with relevance, inspire action, and earn engagement.

Stoney Degeyter, President, Pole Position Marketing

  • Content that can’t be found might as well be invisible. Optimize your blog.
  • Interview your customers to find out what they really want: customer contact, reviews, social media, etc. Listen to your customers.
  • People want to feel like they know you through your blog. Write from the human perspective.

Jeffrey Eisenberg, Partner, Eisenberg Brothers & Associates

  • The next generation of CEO will own customer experience.
  • 80% of companies claim they are customer centric. But ask the customers. Only 8% would agree.
  • Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon: “The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth’s more customer centric company.”

Steve Floyd, CEO / Founder, AXZM

  • Content marketing and content strategy are NOT the same thing. Strategy is a discipline. Marketing is a tactical utility.
  • The key to content buy-in is balance. Prove your value.

Kathryn Parsons, Marketing Manager, Office Depot

  • The only constant in SEO is change.
  • Create something to make the visitor stick on the page. Don’t only focus on traffic.

We look forward to seeing everyone back in our neighborhood next year at SFIMA Pubcon 2015!

If you would like to check out Anna’s session, click here to see the presentation.

Want to know more about marketing apps? Feel free to take a look at our collection of Marketing Apps white papers for all aspects for your business.


Also, don’t forget! SFIMA was all about making your digital experience better for your visitor. What better way than with Youtility. Register now for ion’s webinar with Jay Baer on May 7th. Seats are filling up quick!

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