Questions to Answer Prior to Launching Your Interactive Content

In a perfect world, we would take our content live and then sit back at our big beautiful desk and watch a stream of highly qualified leads just flow in. But, this world is not so perfect and sitting around collecting leads with little to no work actually sounds pretty boring and not challenging at all, doesn’t it?

We all want to capture quality leads, increase engagement, and better understand who our buyers are and the best way to do that is with interactive content. From the moment we decide to create a piece of content, we need to be thinking about what we will do once the content is live. Where will we market it? How will we repurpose it when the campaign ends? How are we going to measure success? These questions are so important and answering them as soon as possible will help you find success with your content.

Who Is Your Audience & What Do They Need

First, let’s talk about your audience. Who are they? Do you have personas? Defining who your audience is will help guide your content, the voice that it takes, and where the content will be placed.

What should you ask yourself about the intended audience before?

  • How educated is this audience on my product or service?
  • What content have they engaged with prior to this piece?
  • Where are they in the buyer journey?
  • Do they know how my product or service can solve their problem?

Once you define who your audience is, you can determine where to market content to them.

Are they young? Is your content more for professional? Is the content light-hearted or is it more robust and educational? These questions will help guide you toward determining where your creative would be most impactful.

Where to Market Your Content

Lighter pieces such as infographics or quizzes are especially impactful on social media channels. B2C content pieces will find success in this space because most individuals who are engaging with social media for fun, not to engage in long form content. For more educational pieces such as white papers, assessments or ebooks, you can find success in promoting it via email, paid search, or on LinkedIn.

What should you ask yourself about where you will place your content?

  • Will my content stand out amongst the other content pieces in this space?
  • What verbiage will I use to capture my audience’s attention on this space?
  • How much time does my audience spend in this space?
  • What do I need to give away up front in order to encourage the user to keep reading?

When I am creating content, there are two things I need to know before my fingers ever hit the keyboard — who is this content for and what problem will it solve?

Answering those two questions first, will help your experience be successful.

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