Quick Start of the Week: Interactive Solution Builder

Beautiful, sunny South Florida. Where the temperature never gets below 60 degrees… and no one knows how to drive.

About a year ago, I wrote a post about some interactive content MINI was pushing out to their audience. It wasn’t just your typical car shopping experience. They revamped it into a totally interactive, engaging, build-your-own car contest. We loved it. In fact, everyone loved it!

Let’s face it. On average, we spend almost an entire work-week’s length of time in the car each year. And if you live in South Florida, those 40 hours in the car a year can be straight torture. So with that in mind, shouldn’t you drive a car that fits your personality and is comfortable to you? Comfortable enough that, when you’re jamming out to music on your hour-long 10 mile ride home in bumper to bumper traffic, you totally don’t even mind a bit?

So we decided to riff on what MINI did with our own little recommendations engine. Instead of you building a car in a contest of whose is best, we figured we’d help you choose the best car for YOU!

This week’s Quick Start shout out is all about the power of the road…

Introducing the Solution Builder

Solution builder guides visitors through a set of ten personalized questions. Using their answers, the interactive content experience provides a recommendation of which service or product would be best for them, as well as an explanation for the recommendation and a call-to-action. It also includes additional content about your brand below the quiz, along with an additional call-to-action.

Now, don’t just think only cars can get the love the solution builder shows! You can take this Quick Start and personalize it with your brand (just two clicks to make that magic happen), product or service. Heck, you could even make it a fun quiz about what character of Parks and Recreation you are, just like the ones you are so guilty of taking on Facebook (Yeah, those Buzzfeed quizzes are addicting. I’m right there with ya).


Your audience wants engagement. They want interaction. They want usefulness. A simple solution builder like this can give them insight into which service or product of yours might suit them best. And for your organization? It’s a great kick-off to a sales call with interest already piqued straight from the questions, answers and recommendations. Armed with these unique insights, the sales team can pick up the conversation and run with it—accelerating velocity.

There are new Quick Starts constantly being created every week! Every one of them is included in the ion interactive content platform. And, like an all-you-can-eat buffet, platform customers can create and launch as many as they want—no extra charge for multiple trips to the salad bar. Check out more Quick Start examples or better yet, have a look at what some of our customers create with them.

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