Quick Start of the Week: Salute Your Solution

Need to get away? Don’t we all sometimes. And with summer gone and holidays fast approaching, a vacation or retreat sounds just like something you need before the stress of the holiday rush. But the last thing you want to do is struggle to try to figure out where to take your entire family or company at a time like this!

Traveling is a huge passion of mine. And planning the trip, that’s the best part for me. But I’m a rare breed in that aspect. Not many people like planning a vacation. Actually… I don’t know anyone that genuinely loves to plan a vacation for more than just one or two people, except maybe travel agents. So my friends have learned to ask me for a solution: where should they go? For how long? What to bring? What time of the year is best? They recruit me to find them a solution.

And don’t you wish everything was that easy? Answer a few simple questions and get an answer that fits your needs and wants. If only…

…Oh wait. That’s right. We strive to always find an answer for you here at ion…

And with that, we introduce you to the Quick Start of the week: the solution finder.

Now, a solution finder could be used by just about any brand that offers multiple selections of products or services. You can offer a solution finder to build the type of service a prospect would benefit from. You can even offer a solution finder for the type of product that would work best for a specific need.

Your online visitors are looking for answers before they are looking for a sales call. They want information. They want results. And they want to know that you’ll have the right solution for them. So give them the chance to see it for themselves!

Now see the solution finder in action for yourself. With ion’s growing number of Quick Starts, there’s a solution to a problem being built every day! So as Jack White once sang, “now, salute your solution!”

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