Quick Start of the Week: Test Your Knowledge with an Interactive Visual Quiz

New Year’s resolutions, huh? Before you get all huffy and puffy swearing that you keep your resolutions — Every. Single. Year — let me tell you… I either am jealous of you or seriously doubt you’re telling the whole truth. Why? Because it’s absurd to keep an intense resolution for 365 days. Heck, even for the first 31 days.

But I’m going to try it. I love food. I love being social. And I love going out to dinner. Weekdays. Weeknights. Doesn’t matter. If there’s something new to try, I’m there. But then the holidays came. I looked at my budget and realized I spend more money on food than I have in my life savings. (This may or may not be an exaggeration—don’t judge me.) Also, I mean, who couldn’t stand to get in better shape?

So here’s my New Year’s resolution: eating healthier, run at least three times a week, and stop going out to dinner on weekdays. Let’s see how long I can keep this one.

Either way, I love testing myself to pick the healthiest option even when I do go out. Which option is better for me (but still with enough flavor)? And what better way to really evaluate my knowledge than with interactive content in the form of a highly visual quiz?!

Quick Start of the Week: Visual Quiz

This week’s interactive content Quick Start is a visual quiz that guides visitors through an interactive flow of eight questions and visual answers. Who doesn’t love to test their knowledge on a product, service, or industry standards (that is, once we’ve grown up and aren’t graded like our future lives depend on it)?


So you’re keeping your New Year’s resolutions, right? Making healthier choices every day? I bet the interactive quiz even helped you think a little bit more about the food choices you make. I know it did for me. And while you’re aiming to transform yourself into a better you, why not transform your content into a better, interactive version of itself?

Quick Starts are a great way to do just that: get a quick start to creating engaging interactive content that is useful and educational for your audience. The Visual Quiz is just one of many Quick Starts included in the ion platform. 

If you’re already one of our awesome customers, the Visual Quiz is ready for you to start using today in the Quick Start Cloud! Just swinging by our blog to see what’s new? Check out how some of our customers have used ion Quick Starts to produce their interactive content!

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