Randall-Reilly Shows Off Data in a Beautiful Interactive Infographic

What’s better than an infographic?

An INTERACTIVE Infographic… THAT’S what!

As if the ability to visually tell a story is not already rad, engaging your audience with clickable, animated, moving parts in that infographic is super duper rad. 

Randall-Reilly decided to do just that—leveraging the built-in interactive components and Quick Start in the ion platform. They created an interactive digital experience to depict data about how contractors consume content, covering topics from mobile to social media and everything in between.

It’s a sharp design with bold colors that pop, and stats. A lot of stats! 

The experience breaks down 4 categories—phone, internet, newsletters and social media. For each section, visitors gain insight on how contractors are consuming content.

There are little nuggets of interactivity woven throughout the experience, giving visitors a chance to engage at every turn, rather than just passively read.

Randall-Reilly also provides visitors with options on how to navigate through the experience—selecting topics of interest, or scrolling through the entire infographic.

Each section taps different interactive elements, which keeps the infographic from being monotonous. For example, in the social media section, each box rotates to reveal an answer to the question posed on it.

And, it’s designed to be a lean, mean, lead gen machine. Calls-to-action throughout the experience drive visitors to register to download the full version of the report.

And of course, there are social buttons included to encourage sharing.

Every section, every element, every nuance was thought out and executed perfectly in Randall-Reilly’s interactive infographic—using out-of-the-box functionality of ion’s platform.


Have you built an interactive experience in the ion platform that you are just itching to share? Email us at info@ioninteractive.com and let us know, we’d love to see your examples! 

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